Sennheiser PMX-200 (streetstyle) Impressions
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May 12, 2003
Picked up a pair of the new Sennheiser PMX-200 streetstyle headphones at a local store for use on the go. The PMX-200 is closed while there is an open version, the PMX-100. The two are basically behind-the-neck versions of the well-known PX-200 and PX-100 headphones.

The packaging is similar to the PX series. A nice plastic blisterpack that opens without having to take a chainsaw to it. However it doesn't include a carrying case like the PX series does. The build quality is very similar to the PX series. Mostly plastic, very light with a metal strip lined band.

Like the Sony Streetstyles, these headphones are basically clip-ons with a band that goes behind your neck. The band is not adjustable. The earpieces swivel out making the headphones flat for easy storage or tansportation. The cable is single sided. The 1/8" plug is very small to easily fit through less-than-accomodating iPod cases and whatnot.

For their size, the PMX-200's provide a respectable seal. You can still hear things going on around you if there's no music on, but you do get a reasonable sense of closedness (is that a word?). And while they leak a bit of sound, it's not too bad.

The level of isolation will be affected by how tight a fit these headphones are on your particular head. For me, the earclip portions press into my skull with some decent pressure and can actually get irritating over a longer period of time.

The sound quality is ok. Out of the box, it was bright, thin, and lean in sound. But with burn-in, the sound has improved, getting fuller with less sibilance. The packaging advertises excellent bass impact and I have not really found that to be the case. Bass is mediocre to me. But keep in mind these are very small closed phones. Your seal level will also affect bass performance. Overall, I'd still say the headphones lean toward a bright, lean sound, but not unbearably so.

Overall, for the price, I think they are decent. Hard to find such a small, portable, closed headphone. Might make an excellent choice for exercising. However, I prefer the sound of the Koss KSC-35 and Sporta-Pro to these. I suppose if you like the PX-200, you'll like these, as I think they sound pretty much the same.
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Aug 5, 2005
Thanks for the mini-review, I've not actually seen the PMX-200's anywhere, and didn't know they even existed
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Jan 12, 2006
Had those in first week when they were came out. Well what can i tell you...
First the comfort is absolute not there, to tight on your ears. After 15 minutes you done with listening. Maybe its my big ears, can be...
Second, they are energy wampires. My iAudio5 has to go up to 28 volume level and still not good enough, bad for your battery life.
Third, Bass is not that good that they claim. The rest is very nice and typical Sennheiser sound, clear and detaild.
They are supose to be a close back but because of small cups size they dont provide it at all what they have to.
And last one, to my opinion they are overpriced, EUR 69 just to much

Have dumpt them 10 days later, no regret. Since i own AKG K26 P i am happy man again.

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