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Sennheiser over-ear HD-1's softer on left side -- Reproducible on three different pairs. Anyone else notice this?

  1. wuvwuv
    I recently got the HD-1 Wireless (The the over-ear ones, not the on-ear ones) and was occasionally feeling like voices were a little more to the right than the left. Then, after comparing several songs and using (testmyspeakers.com) between the HD-1's and my AT-M50's, I was pretty clearly noticing that the left side felt softer than the right side.

    I then had four different people listen to the test at testmyspeakers.com and asked them to tell me if one was quieter than the other. All four identified the left side. One of those four was the sennheiser shop rep.

    Now, the crazy part is, in store, we tried out the show room floor one as well as the rep's personal HD-1's and we identified the same issue.

    I really like these headphones, but it seems like this may be a defect for all of them (or a large sample of them). I'm curious if anyone else has noticed and if anyone has had luck getting a balanced pair after an exchange. I've seen a few people on this forum and others talk about this issue on the Momentum 2's, but it seemed to be the extreme minority.

    Honestly, I like these headphones so much that, that I could live with this issue, but I don't want to go through the warranty service multiple times just to find out I'm able to identify something most people don't notice.

    Also, the issue is identifiable in all situations. I tested as follows:

    • Wireless (Multiple sources: Pixel 2 and Macbook)
    • Wired while on (on Macbook)
    • Wired while off (on Macbook)

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