Sennheiser Momentum or Audio-technica ATHM50
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Aug 10, 2015
So I am REALLY loving my Sennheiser cans. And I mean a LOT. I have the HD201S and the HD518s. I also have the CX300 earbuds. In short, I am sold with the quality of Sennheiser. However, I need a quality BUDGET set of cans for my son who is attending Auburn University (War Eagle!) and would like a quality set of closed back cans for his times in the library, and even when traveling, because he is an elite level tenor and will be traveling extensively over the next 4 years. My bias is to Sennheiser, because the quality is just so above price in every option that I have shopped. The only time I have found myself at odds was when I bought my Klipsch S-4 in ears.At the end of the day though, the CX300s provided the punchy bass I was looking for from my ipad. So, Sennheiser Momentums or the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s?
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  Over ear on the Momentum, and the M50X. Thanks!!

For sound, I slightly prefer the M50X.  However, the M50X is much bigger, although it folds into itself while being stored or transported.
The "answer" comes down to personal preference and how each fits the intended uses.

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