Sennheiser MM550-X or Momentum?
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Mar 27, 2013
Hi all! I already have a pair of Sen/Adidas for running, so I started with Sennheiser to find a good pair of headphones to listen to while studying (low volume), travelling (walking or on flight) and at home reading or watching movies. I hate noise bleeding and hearing other's at the same time, so figured noise cancelling could be good? I tried Beats, Bose, Sony's, Shure's and Denon's. Out of all, the sound balance was the best in Shure's and Sennheiser and its subjective, based on music and my hearing. I didn't like the Shure's massive framing.
So here's my conundrum: 
I listen to electronic (Hernan Cattaneo etc), rock and pop but like clear and bass (medium) sound at not such high levels. I never realized how great "wireless" headphones could be till I walked around with my phone synced and left in my coat. So the MM550-X is limited on volume in bluetooth/noise cancelling mode, and the noise cancelling isn't all that. However, the sound quality is excellent and well balanced. I'm not sure if its SRS off or on, but one of them sounds crap while the other's great - controls a bit to get used to. The 550's are loaded, but are they durable?
The momentums have been tried and tested, simple and comfortable. They seal the noise fairly OK and have no bleeding, plus have a great style while being light. But are wired.
I didn't notice that much of a sound difference between the two, although the momentums sounded fairly more balanced across difference sound ranges. 
Question: Found a place where the prices for them are the same and now I'm wondering which one to get. Any advice? Please! 


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