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Sennheiser IE800

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by tomi1976, Jan 16, 2020.
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  1. tomi1976
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    Hi there,
    for sale is my IE800
    It is a genuine unit I got as a replacement in 2018. My original IE800 had a cable that stiffened over time, this was common in the early production series and got fixed in the later models.

    Package and accessories complete, a pack of comply tips aswell.
  2. tomi1976
    0F18E51B-D844-4565-9237-1155AD8D0B57.jpeg 34F85B2D-DE5D-4F48-AAA6-40770D639098.jpeg AE2DD59D-873A-4F40-BCB2-ABDA104894CD.jpeg 6E63A06B-AC37-417A-A80B-BCE3F3C1A585.jpeg 8FEEBCE6-FE46-4FAB-9369-D7E599A3C305.jpeg Here are some images.
    The tips currently on the buds and the yellow marked were used before (and washed), the others are unused
  3. tomi1976

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