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Sennheiser IE800 vs. Shure SE846: Which one is superior in terms of price?

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  1. Dobrescu George
    Nothing really beats ie800 - if you are looking for that exact signature. 
    This is the thing - the signature is quite unique. It either answers to all your calls and makes you the happiest man in the world or you need to search for the signature you like. 
  2. cellarbro

    My impressions of the IE800's came from testing them only for 5-10 minutes but the sound signature is something not to forget. I don't know if the IE800's are better than the SE846's but I can tell you they are the best IEM that I heard thus far. It has a very similar quality to the HD800's with doing it better for a fun sounding and less analytical sound. The trebles didn't seem too bright to me. I tested these at the sennheiser store. They had the HD800's, 600's 650's HE-1's and IE800's that I tested all around the same time. 
    The one that impressed me the most out of everything was the IE800's. Unamped and close to the 800's in sound and clarity. Sound stage was not as big as the HD800's but it had an extremely large sound stage with great positioning and separation. The sound stage was massive for in ears. I heard the IE's last after testing the HD800's first, then the 650's then the HE-1's. It was the one that impressed me the most. (Considering that it was similar to the HD800's but more fun sounding. The sound signature is not the same as the HD800 per say because I don't consider the IE800's a flat sounding headphone but the clarity and sound stage were similar )
    I don't know how the SE846's sound but from what I am reading it seems that some think of the SE846's as a better overall IEM that covers everything very well and the IE800's having a better fun sound while keeping extreme clarity, depth and sound stage. I can't compare the SE846 but after listening to the ultimate end game headphones (HE-1) and then hearing the IE800's I can honestly say that I don't see how in ears can get any better however I have not tested any custom in ears and I don't think I will go there in case I ever want to sell them or share with someone else what I am also hearing.
  3. cellarbro
    Yeah I agree. It was definitely my end game in ear. I just recently bought the FLC8s and as amazing as it sounds, there was something about the IE800's that just made me see my life flash before my eyes kind of happy. I have been a big fan of sennheisers sound and was not disappointed with the IE800's.
  4. Arctican
    It has been a while since I haven't visited this forum. I am a fan of both the SE846 and the IE800 and have been using these everyday when I'm outside or whenever I'm mobile. They are both complementary with each other as they are complete opposites, with the SE846 being more robust and full-sounding (though lacking a bit in the treble section) whereas the IE800 produces a very pleasant (slightly v-shaped) sound with great treble, though sometimes sibilant. In my opinion, they are tied in terms of personal preference but I listen to the SE846 65% most of the time.
  5. 325xia

    I have benn wearing my 846's daily for a couple of years now. Still love them. I like the fact that I can change the cable and filters to make them sound different. They are certainly a lot more customizable than the Sennheiser I.E.-800's. Glad I made this choice.
  6. Riley Beale
    Do the IE800 have a bass emphasis?  I currently have the SE846 and want more clarity, air, dynamics and much less bass and a bit more treble.  I prefer mids to be warm, but only slightly above neutral not very recessed mids nor overly forward mids.  I would like more depth to the soundstage as well as width and height.  I want more treble extension air and presence as well as detail.  I do love the fit and build quality of my SE846.  the sound has worn on me and I am pretty tired of it.  Is the IE800 hard to get a proper fit and isolation with?  How are the cable microphonics?  I find my SE846 to be pretty decent in microphonics seem minimal or I may have just gotten used to it.
    Thank you
  7. Deftone
    There is a definite bass emphasis on ie800, quite strong, some people dont like this 'always on bass' but it is some of the best bass quality iv ever heard, midrange is depressed slightly but very open and detailed. Treble is outstandingly detailed, clear and extended but it's also very thin and brittle (audience clapping sounded like screwing up foil for example)

    When I had the IE800 I was always having a battle with myself over weather to keep them or not. It's got some really awesome technicalities, performance like I have never heard in an IEM before but at them same time so many down sides or faults if you will.

    In the end I didn't keep them, if the 'problems' were fixed it would be my endgame iem.

    I had a similar experience with the se846. Lush layered mids full of detail, textured deep fast heavy bass but poor treble that has a heart attack trying to produce over 9khz and soundstage so small it's almost claustrophobic.
  8. Dobrescu George
    Most of the questions I answered here


    Ie800 is different from 846, like, considerably different.
  9. cellarbro

    Yes. IE800 is a bass heavy, mid forward, sparkly treble IEM.
    It has like a W sound signature. Sound stage is massive in width, Height is about pretty average I believe. Treble extension, air and detail is what IE800 is great for. 
    With that said, I still prefer my SE846. I find the bass better. It has lush and full mid to bass without sounding offensive in some tracks. 
    The bass, sparkly treble and forward mids sometimes make bright tracks sound hard to listen to. The downfalls of the IE800 the SE846 make up for and vice versa. I love them both but the SE846 gets 80% of my ears because it never offends me when I play music on shuffle.
    I also love EDM and electronic music. Its the better of the two for my kind of music.
  10. Riley Beale

    I listen to various rock and metal from all periods of time as well as a little country and electronic music very seldomly.  I listen to a lot of industrial lie 3TEETH and Nine Inch nails and darkwave like Collide an The Birthday Massacre..  I would like more treble and air and less warmth and color.  Less bass would also be welcomed.  More detail and less fun and less warm is what I would like, but not completely neutral.  A little warmth is welcome just not the overwhelming SE846 warmth and overwhelming bass punch that takes over the entire sound.  I am also considering the Earsonics SEM9 and the Audeze isine20.  I have been told the isine20 is one of those products that is one of those fairly rare products that is way above it's price in terms of quality even with the analog cable.
    Thank you
  11. cellarbro

    Ie800 may be for you. 
    SE846 are warm, smooth and bass prominent. They were not that great when listening to rock, classical genres. They were okay, but to me they were mediocre in performance on those genres. 
    I did a listening session on some old beatles tracks and the IE800 due to sound signature make it come to life. Literally, that old recording that you can hear in most IEM disappears in the IE800.
    It sounds alive. It sounds live, it sounds like its happening in front of you. IE800 are absolutely fantastic for country, rock classical, and some pop music.
    Any synthetically produced music will be revealed and sound lifeless despite being clear. The IE800 bring out a soul in the music. It is the best way I can describe it. 
    I still like my SE846 better just due to the genre of music I listen to but if I am craving for some metal, rock, or old school music, the IE800 are my go to.
    Having both the SE846 and IE800. I don't think I could choose between just one. I would like to have both and I think if you purchased it, you would definitely agree and know what I meant by them doing their respective weaknesses very well. I didn't like the IE800 short and microphonic cable. It restricts me to home listening while the SE846 are a serious looker and meant to be carried on the go. Must have in your arsenal IMO.
  12. Mr Makarov
    If you will listen mostly to those genres, while not on the go, and want lots of treble and air then IE800 are for you. They are very good for rock and metal. However, it seems like you describing something like Dunu Titan 1 IEMs and they very slightly warm, have less bass (are almost bass-anemic when compared to IE800), have very good detail, well extended and very airy treble and are also very good for rock and metal. If you think IE800 are bass light and very neutral/uncolored you can not be farther away from the truth. They do have "more treble and air" but they are not neutral and uncolored at all. On the other hand,"overwhelming SE846 warmth and overwhelming bass punch that takes over the entire sound" is just almost offensive assumption. We´re talking about SE846 not SE215. Shure developers spent years to make 1000$ crap IEM that sounds just like SE215 or Beats IEMs and now are laughing at us all? Srry for that but hey. Does not make sense. Bass is not overwhelming at all, it is punchy but in the right, correct, unoffensive way. You can change the sound drastically with filters and with white filters and Dunu tips SE846 are bass light compared to "overwhelming warmth" of IE800. Now, on the natural/neutral/uncolored side of things - SE846 all the way. They are more neutral of the two (to me anyway). Their main problem is that they lack more treble extension so the sound stage is more vertical (deep) than horizontal (wide). Sound is thick (compared to IE800), yes, but everything sounds natural and right. However the coloration of IE800 is unique and that is what makes them so special, treble is almost on the "thin" side but it is actually very resolving, refined and airy, sound stage is huge, mids are recessed (when compared directly to SE846) but stunningly clear and textured, bass is somewhat opposite of SE846´s bass (not as tight or focused). The sound signature of IE800 makes them perfect for rock and metal,  SE846 will sound right, neutral, natural but not as alive as IE800, so you will appreciate a lot the SE846´s presentation but you will probably love IE800´s approach.
    cellarbro likes this.
  13. cellarbro
    I couldn't have put it any better.
    I definitely do not agree that the bass takes over the entire sound. The bass is very non offensive and very natural to my ears. They don't pierce my ear drums and I never found them boomy.
    If you find the bass boomy, it perhaps may be the tips. I changed my tips from the stock to the spinfits and they were boomy in nature. One of the best and favorite IEM right now for most of my listening pleasure tbh. They do lack a little on the treble extension but it doesn't sound veil to me by any nature either. Its almost like a lack of treble extension that makes the IEM smooth and non fatiguing. 
    Again well said. I agree with your statement 99%. The 846 and IE800 I find both of their mids somewhat forward. I didn't find it recessed by any means and the mids forwardness seems to me about the same on both. The exception is that the IE800 are wider in sound stage and can appear to have a more recessed mid in that massively wide sound space.
  14. Riley Beale
    I am using westone star tips with the white treble filters.  I don't really find the Shure's all that natural even compared to my TipleFi 10 nowadays.  I am just not a basshead anymore.  I also should have stated that I will be using iems on the go as well as stationary if that helps anybody give me a suggestion.
  15. Alokiano
    I really can not understand those like se846 than ie800.
    846 was made for monitoring like on stage but 800 was for music enjoying..
    800 has much more wider stage and micro details fully bass and no peaking treble.
    Absoloutely 800 wins..
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