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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Progisus
    Couldn't agree more. Some other TOTL iem's sparkle in different areas and cost 2-3 times as much. The 800(s) are consistent right across the spectrum and comfortable as well. My only beef is the microphonics of the cable, especially on the 800's. I'll never sell them.
  2. Zowie1
    Do the balanced cables for the IE800S model also work with the original IE800?
  3. yangian
  4. amature101
    Is the cable still having microphonic issue?
  5. sanakimpro
    Unlikely. The IE800 cable is a TRS cable which means they share a common ground. Ergo, you can't run it in balanced mode.
  6. sanakimpro
    IE800s vs IE800: Is it all just because of balanced vs unbalanced setup?

    Those who have both IE800s and IE800, do they really sound the same on unbalanced mode? So, today I went to the Sennheiser store again and they sales manager stressed again and again that there is little difference between the IE800 vs IE800 sound, particularly on unbalanced mode. He kept stressing it was the same driver and kept showing me the frequency response range bla bla bla. He said that he has tried both many times and on balanced, the IE800s does open up and has a more 'linear' sound profile. Also, it made sense that if Sennheiser used the same XWB driver on both models, the driver's technical spec and characteristics are going to be the same. This could be why many reviewers also do not call IE800s an upgrade/side-grade but a different take on the XWB driver design. So he said keep the spare cash, get the IE800 and be happy with it on 11.11 Singles Day.

    Oh, btw Happy Singles Day! Thanks Axel Grell!! (Just learnt he has left Sennheiser! WHAT?!)
  7. Progisus
    Happy SIngles Day! First time I heard of it here in Canada annd it sounds like a great idea. I have both 800 and 800s. The 800s is a slightly smoother sound If you are only using single ended I would go with the 800 and say a few bucks. If you can use balanced as well then I would go to the 800s. I just spent an hour at Startbucks with my SP1000 and 800s in balanced and left the Forte at home. I am sooo satisfied with 800(s) sound.
    lesale08 likes this.
  8. WilcoRoger
    The thing is, that it's not a "few bucks" between the 800 & 800s. I got my ie800 for the equivalent of $330 (or so) in Japan, admittedly "open box". That's about the third of the ie800s' price
  9. udesign48
    :) IE800 is the best
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  10. Philo
    Hi guys! I'm surching for a used pair of Sennheiser IE800 with garantee. Anyone?
  11. kernel8888
  12. kernel8888
    okay thats got me listening to my ie800s some more today, ive been on a full size open hp kick and amp rolling so i havent listened to my iems in a while.

    The ie800 is my fave iem of all time, i like it better than any other iem ive tried. s-em9, jh13v2/layla, u18, tia forte, andromeda, legend x, phantom. dont know if i have wierd ears, but with comparisons to those and extensive time with the hd800/he-6/lcd-x/lcd-3 and other full size as well the ie800 is top tier resolution, depth, and has an excellent frequency response along with techincal ability.

    if i had to sell ALL of my gear and keep 1 thing, these would be it. not sure if i should sell my second pair...
  13. Progisus
    They never disappoint.
  14. chillout
    I sent you pm
  15. Philo
    Oh my God! DDD I hope you don't change your mind! D
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