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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. csglinux
    How can both those things be true?!?

    I'm really curious to see what they did with the sound. All reports suggest the ergonomics (love them or loathe them!) are unchanged.
  2. Dobrescu George
    My sources suggest that the ergonomics are the same as well! Well, I was always ok with the ergonomics of ie800, so I won't mind that, I just want to know how it sounds like!

    What I know so far is that ie800S is actually in production, but the official sale and announcement has not begun.

    I noticed it on sale on a few sites, but since it hasn't been officially announced, who knows why it is there, or if those sites are just slowly indexing it and getting ready for the big release :darthsmile:

    By being out, I mean that I spotted it for sale online, I think the links were posted earlier in this thread as well.
  3. jwbrent
    I’ll be very interested in how the S version differs. I love my IE800 and now use them as my outdoor IEM connected to my recently purchased Onkyo DP-S1. Great match, to my ears.

    One thing for sure, the sell price on the IE800 is likely to come down further just like what happened to the HD800 when the HD800S came out.

    I hope Sennheiser finds a way to stop the possible counterfeits on the IE800S. One thing that would help is putting a serial number somewhere on it.
  4. Syracuse
    They have these QR-codes on the outside of the box where you can check the legitimacy if I'm not mistaken.
  5. csglinux
    They do. With hollograms too. The counterfeiters have managed to copy all of this and their codes even pass the check on Sennheiser's website. The only clue you might get at this point is that Sennheiser may warn you that the code has been checked an unusually large number of times.
  6. pietcux
    I call Sennheiser HQ today. I wanted them to fit the IE800S cable on my IE800. The technician I talked to in the end told me they cannot, because the ear pieces would get damaged on opening them. He knew about the product and the balanced cable though. So if one wants a balanced IE800 one has to either diy it or have a 3rd party company do that. Sennheiser won't.
  7. jwbrent
    Yes, I read this, too. It may be difficult to engrave a serial number on the ceramic housing, but it could be placed on the Y barrel.
  8. csglinux
    Some of the IE800 copies out there are astonishingly detailed. I'd be surprised if the counterfeiters weren't able to grab a couple of authentic serial numbers and engrave them on their own Y-split barrels. Buy from a reputable, authorized dealer!
    kubig123 likes this.
  9. soundofmed
    Any long time owners of the ie800 out therecould please tell me how have they held up in build quality so far? In regards to the cable that is, or any thing else one of you lucky owners have noticed over the time youve had them

    I heard the ie800 a few weeks back and fell in love woth the sound but just dont want to be investing so much into iems that doesnt come with a detachable cable..

    But if the build quality is solid and has been without problems i would pull the trigger on them
  10. Dobrescu George
    I has been 2 years since I have my latest pair now... Not a single issue, Senn made them to last.
    soundofmed likes this.
  11. soundofmed
    Have you heard about any other known issues with other owners?
  12. Dobrescu George
    Yes, and I have experienced those issues at first.

    Cables sometimes used to harden, basically the plastic would become hard from the oils in the skin, rendering them useless...

    All pairs that got this were replaced by Sennheiser directly and they did a great job at supporting their customers. Even now, they still offer support if any problems are to arise, I think that Senn is one of those companies that do have a great customer support.
  13. bana
    Can't you just replace the section from the Y connector to the end for a balanced 4.4mm termination?
  14. pietcux
    No you can't. That is because the small plug on the Y split is already unbalanced. It has only 3 contacts R/L/GND. The same plug on the IE800S is balanced with 4 contacts.
  15. csglinux
    Sadly, no, because the Y-split socket is only TRS.
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