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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Rob80b
    As I'm sure everyone on these forums know all earphones are a compromise one way or another and there is no one size that fits all and with IEMs I'm finding that's more the case than not unfortunately.... even after trying all the supplied tips . And as you've clearly noted, with the ie800s the proper fit, insertion and seal can make or break this great iem. : ( .....fortunately I found my fit with medium tips... : )
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
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  2. Dobrescu George
    Oh yes, ie800 is a really love it or break it IEM when it comes to both their sound and fit, really really important to get a good fit to enjoy them to the fullest.

    Medium round tips work the best for me as well actually. No issues and no complaints.
  3. csglinux
    Hi George - this might be a tough question to answer, but you can describe what kind of seal you achieve with those medium tips? Is that a shallow seal, outside the ear-canal, cable down?
  4. Dobrescu George
    Hey there!

    Cable down, shallow seal, just enough for them to sit in my ears.

    To achieve this, I clean my ears prior to using ie800, and I also clean the tips after each usage (since they need time to dry the water from the cleaning). Deep insertion makes the soundstage a bit small for my tastes...

    I'd say that they also sit in my ears partially due to the pressure created by their pressure stabilizers - Kinda sitting there after reaching their sweet spot when they don't feel like there is any pressure, but neither that the fit is loose.

    ie800 has thoise pressure stabilizers that really help with fit, but tey do have a fit of their own, never experienced this with any other IEM before
  5. Death_Block
    Hmm i might have to get out the spare tips and check my seal. They either were made in a way that they just seem perfect for my ears with what was on them when i got them (round mediums) or i have no idea on how to seal them. I just wack em in, maybe just over a second i feel/hear them pressurize and off i go
  6. Death_Block
    I couldnt say if they were a shallow/deep/pointing up/pointing out/upside down/in my nose fit.
  7. csglinux
    Thanks for that info George! Yes, that sounds exactly like my option 2 fit. I'm sure that's the way Sennheiser intended them to be worn, but I sometimes find the treble to be a bit too much like this. I presume there must be some classic IE800 mods somewhere back in this thread?!... E.g., has anybody tried stuffing damping foam into their nozzles?
  8. Dobrescu George
    Yep, some people use a very thin textile mesh over the metallic grill to dampen some of the treble, but my personal advice is to use EQ to tone it down, if you want it that way.

    Honestly, for me the treble is barely enough like that, so this is in the realm of subjective taste, but if you really want to tame it, take most EQ apps and tone down the 16 kHz by 3-4 dB and tone down the 8 kHz area by 5-6 db as well, if this is too much, then bring it back a bit.
  9. csglinux
    Thanks for the advice buddy :)
  10. Death_Block
    So i plugged the ie's into the nintendo switch. Damn i must say, portable gaming has a fantastic new sound! Now i play the switch for only a reason ro hear the great sound these iem's produce
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  11. Slim1970
    Really? I'll have to try that. So you don’t have an amp on them?
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  12. Death_Block
    Nope. They have a low impendance so they are very versatile. Very much so in conjunction to their sound signature. Im sure other iem's sound great plugged into factory stock DAC's. I love what i hear from quality iem to everyday sources.
  13. Zowie1
    Got these iem's on Thursday and after a few days of use I absolutely love them! My ear canals are quite small so these things are a perfect fit (using the second smallest stock tips). They stay put when I'm moving around and even while eating! They also block the sound of the wind very well when I was cycling which is also a huge plus. I thought about ordering Comply tips for these but since they are already a perfect fit, I don't see how the Complys could make them any better. And the whole microphonics issue doesn't bother me at all but since I already ordered microphone lapel tie clips I might as well test them. The sound quality as expected is phenomenal but after using HD650 and IE80 for abour half a year, I'm reminded with these that lot of the music I listen isn't that well mastered. Overall a great purchase!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
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  14. Syracuse
    I'm not sure everyone is aware but I was at Headphone heaven this saturday in Rotterdam and I spoke to two of the Sennheiser rep's. They already brought the new HD660 replacement for the HD600 and HD650 but afterwards they told me the IE800S was about to release. It would have a similar shape but the price is €999 according to them. I didn't receive any extra information other than they already could of brought it to the show but they forgot? Who knows.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  15. Dobrescu George
    It is pretty much out by now, but no one really heard it yet.
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