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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Death_Block
    I have no doubs they will :)
    Now that the virgin listen is gone i have started to appreciate the sound more. I find myself in anticipation for the next time i use them. I never felt that with the cheaper ones.
    Regarding their bass emphasis? Across the board of top ends im assuming they do have more of. As the only top ends i have heard i guess i can see how i do not hear the extra bass. I have appreciated the 'sub bass' (a term ive only recently learnt :p ) that they have.
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  2. Bayonetwork
    So does this in-line work fully for iOS? Volume, pause, skip, mic, etc? Does the DAC change the sound at all?

    If not are there any other in line remotes out there for iOS, preferably that add a little more length?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
  3. gerbi
    It does. All the functions work fine. To my ears it doesn't not change the sound (unless you use the extra bass function).
  4. Dobrescu George
    Glad to hear that you've started enjoying them more and more! Those still hold a special place in my heard, even after hearing countless other IEMs, somehow ie800 is something magical to me :smile_phones:
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  5. Slim1970
    I just bought myself an Audioquest Dragonfly Red for times when I don't want to tote my iDSD BL or Mojo around. To my surprise they work very well with the IE800's. With Dragonfly Red the IE800's has good, deep bass and definition, there's nice clarity and detailed in the highs, and mids are smooth. Anyone else like the Dragonfly Red with the IE800's?
  6. Philo
    Hi guys!

    I'm really strongly planning to by these babies, but my issue is durability, especially by the cables. If the cable was broken by the housing, could I anything to do, or it isn't reparable?
  7. Dobrescu George
    I heard a lot of good talk about it, but never heard it personally, too much other gear at the moment. I'll take a listen when I can, but since a close friend really holds it in high regard, I trust that Dragon Red is really good.

    The cables aren't supposed to break, ie800 is really really really durable. They used to harden in the very early versions, but that should have been solved as well.

    It is not user reparable, but you send them to Sennheiser and they will help you. Sometimes it might cost a small fee, but Sennheiser has one of the best customer support out there!
  8. Philo
    It's the same case after the warranty time? Sennheiser is going to help?
  9. Rob80b
    Excellent question...within the two year warranty period they just send you a new unopened sealed replacement.....no repairs, or refurbished units.
  10. Death_Block
    You have too much money! :p
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  11. Death_Block
    You may be pleasently surprised how tough they will feel in your hands. That was my second initial feeling when i got them. The first was how small they are.
  12. Dobrescu George
    They will still fix them, but it mightr cost a little amount. Will still be cheaper than getting new ones, and they come new :gs1000smile:
  13. Philo
    So I shouldn't do any worry about the cable. Ok. I've calmed down. I heard their sound once, and I was really impressed, especially how exhaustive the treble is sounding. The sub bass is also remarkable deep. I had had just a few minutes to listen to, so I'm really curious how I will feel after hours of listening them.
  14. Philo
    Oh, my god! That's the good news! Thanks a lot, George!
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  15. Death_Block
    I use them in the work office from 9-5. No signs of fatique at all.
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