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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Rob80b
    Speaking of sound quality…I’ve mentioned I’ve thought of letting my ie800s go as I‘m not really taking advantage of their sound reproduction but here I was listening to some Bach Flute Sonatas and doing comparisons between the Nuforce NE800ms and the ie800s….the Nuforce which for the price are IMHO quite good, reproduced a clean reproduction of what might be a high pitched instrument, switching over to the ie800s one could almost tell the make of flute being played….as they say the devils in the details…the Sennheiser having much richer and correct overtones which defines the timbre.
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  2. Mav.
    Is there any chance they would actually confirm the existence of them though? As far as I can tell the only information out there about them is the website that was linked in this thread. I would assume then if they are real they would be at least a few months from a release.

    I'll wait out the 30 day return period, and decide at the end on what to do. It will give me time to really compare them to my IE80's. I recently massively upgraded my headphones, and speakers setup which made my IE80's seem to sound not quite as great to me as they once did, and is why I decided to give the IE800's a shot. If the IE800S's are coming this year though I still enjoy my IE80's enough to wait for them.
  3. Rob80b
    Can't argue with that.... : )
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
  4. audionewbi
    OKAY I can confirm the news is real, source is Sennheiser. I was told to keep it a secret but since it is already on few sites no point keeping a secret. They told me it is due to be release this yea, when it is uncertain.
  5. kubig123
    Very interesting news, I was looking for a balanced version of the ie800!
  6. audionewbi
    When i asked what are the improvement they mentioned similar improvement from HD800 to HD800S. No mention of fit improvement. :frowning2:
  7. Dobrescu George
    Oh, so there is a new tuning to their sound! I am getting a really good fit with ie800 at the moment, I think that there are some companies who make custom tips that are compatible with ie800, if a different fit is required.
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  8. Mav.
    Haven't decided if I'm going to keep my IE 800's yet or return them, and wait for the hopefully soon to be released IE 800S's.
    If I do end up keeping them though I am wondering if anyone knows if the RCS 800 cable works with an iPhone 7 Plus. On their website it says it's made for windows and android, but I'm hoping it might work with iPhone as well. I would love to have inline controls. The lack of them is my main complaint with my IE 80's. Going from the Apple EarPods to IE 80's was such a big improvement sound wise that the trade off was very much worth it, but I would love to have inline controls again if possible.
  9. Riley Beale
    Edit: Sorry I was incorrect. My mistake.

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  10. blazer78
    Pretty excited for the IE800S (I'm sold already lol), though I was expecting the detachable cable design to be improved (detached at each of the earpieces instead of the Y-split).
  11. Rob80b
    Good question…I’m using one on my iPhone 5, the only function that does not work is the volume control, which does not function on all android devices either.
    So if a lightning cable to headphone adapter allows the 7 to function like previous iPhones you should be good to go. The volume control is proprietary and requires licensing ($$$$$) from Apple.
    Pricey accessory but IMHO a somewhat necessary indulgence if the phone is tucked away…. facilitates taking calls or pausing/starting music .
    Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 12.48.57 PM.png
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  12. Rob80b
    A cursory search indicates this may be easier said than done as I see most adapters, if not all, do not allow for an in-line mic to function, there are Bluetooth adapters, but then one is really not getting the full audio potential from the ie800s as they'll be receiving audio in lossy compression over Bluetooth and are also at the mercy of the amplification built into the adapter.
  13. jwbrent
    It will be interesting what sonic improvements are made with the IE800S, and to what extent. The expense of buying a brand new model (retail price or maybe a bit less) while selling my IE800 at a considerable loss (since the pricing on counterfeits impacts resale value) is not going to make me want to upgrade unless the differences are substantial.

    I love the sound of my IE800, still, my reference IEM is my AKR02 (customized version of the final FI-BA-SS with silver cabling).
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  14. Death_Block
    I just recieved my set of ie800's a few days ago after reading extensively about them. For a few weeks prior i had been using audio technica ANCbt40's and was happy (and impressed) with their sound. In anticipation for this upgrade i was expecting to be WOW'ed. I was not. While not to say they dont sound better, they do, i was felt underwhelmed considering the jump from AUS $160 set $750 top end.
    I constantly heard 'these iem's are bass cannons' eg eg. After the weekend of listening i was always wanting more.
    So i fiddled with the sennheiser 'Captune' i can use with my tidal app and the bass boost on that i thought sounded awful. Ive settled that no equaliser adjustments sounds best so i was inclined to forget about using captune altogether.
    My next thought was the obvious: maybe an HA2 or mojo would be the next step but also i hear while they do improve sound, they are not necessarily important for the power requirements of the ie's.
    I feel diflated and that maybe im missing something. Not what i expected coming from bluetooth budget jobbies to the ie's.
    Ive tried all supplied ear tips as the seal is very important for these. They were bought brand new from a hifi store and confirmed as a dealer by sennheiser themselves 'i called them to confirm'
    If i had been given the oportunity to try before buy, unfortunately i would not have shelled out the dollerydoo's.
  15. Dobrescu George
    Maybe you're one who likes a thicker signature better then? :darthsmile:
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