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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dobrescu George
    I actually found that iDSD BL is one of the best and most accessible devices in the meanwhile, I'm a happy iDSD BL user now and recommend it as the best solution to drive ie800 out there.
  2. Deftone
    Its a very good unit, i had it in for review recently and its about 70% performance of mojo i was impressed.
  3. David3296
    Hello Audiophiles,

    i am really sorry that this is out of context , but i got my ie800 a few months ago, between i absolutely love them, and have a couple questions concerning Daps and Amps. I have been on the search for a good DAP , Ie800 combination for a couple weeks now and came across this theard quite a lot, but the thing is there is so much information in these 4xx sites, that i get confused and still dont know what to pair with the ie800... so i signed up here , hoping you guys with your amazing knowledge could help me out a little bit.

    About me:
    I bought myself the ie80 one and a half year ago and upgraded a couple months earlier to the ie800. i am currently using my phone(xiaomi mi5s) or my Fiio x3 2nd gen. to listen to flacs or other higher music files, since i got really enthusiasted by the ie80 and noticed what i missed in music. i dont really like the fiio x3 2nd gen because i just cant get myself into the wheel thingie and i hear subtle noises sometimes , even when i listen to Flac.
    I am listening to ,classic, rock , sometimes hardrock , Deephouse , Pop, Indie , Trance and every now and then to movie suites.

    So my questions are:
    1.what would you recommend me to buy a DAP or a portable AMP for my phone (maybe getting a s8 soon, if i decide for Amp)
    2.which DAP or AMP pairs nice with the ie800?

    If i should buy a DAP , i would prefer it to have the ability to run tidal or other streaming platforms.

    my budget is around 500 Euros.

    With all respects for this Community
  4. Dobrescu George
    Hey David, everyone here will recommend something else as far as sound goes.

    I would say that if you want to go for the ultimate sound, you can go for iDSD Black Labe, if you want to go for a smooth presentation, you can go with FiiO X5-3, and if you want to go with an energetic presentation, but tidal and such, you can go with a FiiO X7ii when it comes out.

    What you pick is you decision alone, and should be picked based on your personal tastes and expectations, it is quite hard to recommend something without more information about you and what you're looking for sonically.

    Also, hearing noises in your music with ie800 is absolutely normal if they were recorded there, this is an advantage, very good resolution is something we try to have as much as possible.
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  5. harpo1
    Or you can go with the Chord Mojo which makes a better portable solution than the iFi Micro iDSD Black. I like them both but if you plan on using it more for portability I'd go with the mojo.
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  6. David3296
    Thanks for the reply George,
    yeah the fiio x5 iii is among on my top list , problem is though i am in china till august and dont know where to try out those DAPs. Also i heard that the x5iii has a lot of software problems right now and that the usb to pc is sometimes not working...
    do you have an idea when the x7 ii is coming out?
  7. David3296
    I heard a lot of positive feed backs from chord mojo , but i cant really find it here in china for some reason and if i find it by not verified sellers the price is 650 dollars for it ... sadly
    i cant find the iDSD either for some reason.
    do you think the ie800 pairs well with a fiio e12a?
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
  8. AndrewH13
    I used to run ie800 from Fiio X5 but once I'd heard them through Hugo and Mojo there was no going back. Perfect synergy the lively ie800 with the delicacy and naturalness of Chord Dacs.
  9. harpo1
    I have the the Fiio A5 and they pair fine with it. It's a combo of the e12a and e12.
  10. Deftone
    I say avoid amping a phone and treat your IE800 to a quality dac, there are two options that have been mentioned already, chord mojo and iFi idsd BL. Ill give you my opinion, i tested both against eachother recently, ifi and the chord.

    If you are a music purist then go for mojo, If you enjoy all sorts of media with high end earphones/ headphones (games, movies & music) go for the iDSD because it has some cool features especially for games and films like the bass boost and 3D sound, it also includes a built in usb purifier which is a bonus for desk top computer use.

    Heres why mojo is the better buy. £400 vs iDSD at £600. With mojo you are getting £1,000+ worth of dac perfomance imho, i have tested quite a few dacs. And the sound quality really is unmatched, timbre is very impressive, superior transients, tight bass, liquid midrange, smooth but razor sharp precision highs, high quality depth, layering and separation, detail retrieval is awesome.

    Both are very good you would be happy with either, here is a size comparison. Hope this helps.

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  11. Dobrescu George
    Very interesting thoughts!

    As for the size and portability, while it might sound surprising at first, I found iDSD BL to be more portable on the following idea: iDSD BL stack is longer. This makes it feel easier to get out of pockets while a Mojo stack is short and thick, it feels more cubic, harder to get out of pockets and my side bag.

    Given all the positive feedback on Mojo, I will test it again a few times in the future, but the truth is that ie800 can indeed gain a lot from a good quality DAC!
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  12. Deftone

    IMG_20170517_224550.jpg IMG_20170517_224854.jpg
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  13. Dobrescu George
    Absolutely cubic!

    On a serious note, iDSD BL + X5ii stacks perfectly in my side bag, this is an image to show what I mean by them having the perfect height to thickness ratio.

    I can control everything with them like this, take it out comfortably, a Mojo stack would be almost impossible to take out of my tiny side bag or to control the volume without taking it out of the bag, plus I'm not sure if Mojo cabling would be okay for stacking with X5ii either.

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  14. David3296
    Thanks so much for the help!
    i am a little tight on the budget,so is it necessary to buy a DAP for the DAC or can i use it with my phone ?
  15. David3296
    also the ifi iDSD bl is a little cheaper here than the mojo.
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