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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dobrescu George
    Oh yes. I am really curious if they have a successor in mind. Ie800 has been my top go-to IEM. It's been 3 years now!!!

    A IEM that stays your favorite for 3 freaking years must be that good!!!

    Forget the part with IEM, I forgot the last time I had a device for this long! The only other device that lasted me a lot of time has been FiiO X5ii, but man, ie800 still manages to impress me even after 3 freaking years. If they come with a successor, I cannot wait to see what they bring to the table!
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  2. kubig123
    Finally I received the Snug Pro, extremly tight fitting, curious to hear the differences.
  3. kubig123
    forgot the picture.
  4. Deftone
    Arent 'Snugs Pro' the ones that include your earphone of choice out of the 3 listed which are over ear designs from shure?

    Original snugs are the ones that you choose for many different earphones.
  5. Deftone
    Please upload a pic :relaxed:
  6. kubig123
    IMG_3768.jpg you are absolutely right, these are the snug only!
    finally manage to upload a picture.
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  7. Deftone
    Nice! Are you happy with them? What do you think of the sound now? Mine are metallic black so not as vibrant as yours lol.
  8. kubig123
    I got them yesterday, i just started try them today, they definitely affect the sound, I need time to compare them to the regular tips.
    Right now the only negative aspect is the fitting, thy are really tight, may be too much, it took some time to learn how to insert them.
    I never had this problem with any of the ciem I have.
    Yes, the color is quite to vibrant, I think black a better color after all.

    How are your, do they fit tight too?
  9. Deftone
    My impression was done with a 1" bite block, it fits fine.
    I'd be more worried about a loose fit though than an over tight, let them warm up to body temperature in your ears and the silicone may soften slightly.
    You could also try the creme they come with to help with fit.

    About the sound though, some people say its way too much sub bass and same highs or same basss but smoother highs.
    Report back when youve had some time with them! :grin:

    Edit; I havent mentioned what changes i hear because i dont want to inlfuence your impressions, i will say after you give yours.
    Last edited: May 14, 2017
  10. yangian
    Hi, I wonder anyone can sell me your large round tips? Thanks!
  11. Dobrescu George

    What happened to yours?

    I might have an extra large, but I have to double check, but the shipping would cost more than any money the tips would cost...
  12. yangian
    Hi, George, thank you very much! Yeah, it's not effecient for you to mail to US. I'll wait for someone in US. I saw 800's tips are sold on several place. But I only want the large round one, so I thought it might be better to ask first at here.
  13. Dobrescu George
    I hope someone manages to get you a pair of tips and that you'll be able to enjoy ie800 again! ♡
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  14. jwbrent
    Do you have a pair of the medium large ovals? Perhaps we can trade. I'd only be interested in authentic versions ... as mine are. Please PM me if interested.
  15. Galm

    I got a call from a Sergio I think (hard to hear) saying I can't buy the ie800 separately? I have to really buy the whole thing?

    I thought the pocket solution would be available as its own thing. Disappointing if I understand correctly.
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
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