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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Galm
    The HA-2 I thought was way worse than Mojo, it's why I switched.  Guitar distortion in particular sounded awful in comparison.  Like I find a lot of dac amps are somewhat subtly different where I'll hear the difference but it's not like one sounds unusable.  That difference was so large it sounded like something was wrong with the HA-2 even though I'm fairly sure that wasn't the case.
    Haven't tried the iDSD BL obviously, but I may at some point.
  2. harpo1
    The ie-800 and mojo are an excellent pairing IMO.
  3. deltronzero
    Um so that link is basically useless?  S is out of stock, M and L are lead to "Find a dealer" page which is completely useless.  Where do I select IE800 rubber tips in the products page of find a dealer?  Am I suppose to drive to the closest Sennheiser dealer to pick up 2 pieces of rubber tip? And at $16 bucks?
    Like I said...IE800 just has so many Anti-Consumer designs its laughable.  Hope others get to see how much of a pain in the ass to replace something that shouldn't even be proprietary in the first place.  I mean come on...proprietary tips? Especially on an IEM as dependent on a good seal as the IE800.
  4. Dobrescu George
    Still the best IEMs in the world for me though [​IMG]
    I have a feeling that it is about the inner peace. IE800 can feel you and if you're stressed, they won't work out well enough. 
    Joking aside, you should be able to order anything from any dealer or mail Sennheiser and they should be able to ship it to you. AVstore sure can help, but if you're not from Romania, then you should find the official Sennheiser dealer in your country. 
    I needed a cable for ie800 before, it came pretty tidy packaged, arrived at AVstore - one of the official Romanian dealers and everything went pretty fine. 
  5. Roybenz

    Did you guys compare mojo and iphone 6 or 7? I was not able to spot any difference using tidal hifi. Would really like to hear the difference. Any particular song i could test that stands out for hearing the difference?
  6. Galm
    While I agree and wish the cable was fully detachable, I appreciate the ear tips.  Having that screen inside them is so helpful.  I'm pretty sure my ie80s failed because something got inside, while the ie800s nothing has ever got close and I can just wash the full ear tip to clean the outer screen.
    Like the in built DAC vs the Mojo?  Yeah I could hear it overall.  Tidal I'm somewhat skeptical if I can hear the difference vs Spotify, but I have it anyway as it could be one of those unconscious things where I can't pick out the difference but it is there.  
    Anyway, yeah idk, I've listened to Green Day a lot, so a song like American Idiot the difference was pretty noticeable.  But I can hear it on most tracks.  I bought Mojo at all because I was in NYC and compared it to my Oppo and the difference was so noticeable I was sold.  And I like the Oppo more than the stock iPhone.
  7. niotio910
    Just got it today, and absolutely love it! I come from IE8, btw.
    I'm not a bass head but I like its deep sub-bass! mid-bass is
    much better than the IE8 (which is hump). IMO, the best part is the
    mids and highs which are very detailed.
    It's comfortable and stays tightly in my ears. I feel a little bit strange
    in the first use that I have to make the tips "suck" the air in my
    ear (by pushing it in and pulling it out a lille bit) to make a good
    I'm not tall so the cable's length is perfect from my jeans pocket.
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  8. Galm
    Welcome to the club!
  9. potatoe94
    As a previous owner of the IE800 , i'd say give the new Beyerdynamic Xelento a try . 
    they share pretty similar signatures which may appeal ~

    love it when these companies push the limit of a single dynamic driver !
  10. cellarbro

    what is the difference between the two?
  11. Rob80b
    Anyone here try the Gotor Audio Extension Cord remote with mic with the IE800, I was looking at the RCS-800 but at almost 25% the cost of Sennheiser’s solution thought I might give a try. Usually opt for my NuForce NE800Ms when I go out just with the phone.
  12. Galm
    What is the length of that cable vs stock?
  13. Rob80b
    They list it at "Length: About 31.4inches (80 cm)" same as Sennheiser's I believe.
    If you require longer there are a number of no name extensions out there.
  14. Galm
    Guh....  I need like 85-90cm.  
    @Sennheiser please please please tell me that Dior cable is longer than stock.
  15. Rob80b
    This one from Aliexpress is listed being 85cm

    Earmax Audio Stereo Headphone Extension Cable Cord For IE800 IE 800

    Earmax Audio Stereo Headphone Extension Cable Cord For IE800 IE 800

    connector:male 3.5mm, female 2.5mm, are gold-plated
    only...$9.99..free shipping
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