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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dobrescu George
    If the sound is the same as ie800, those are the revelation we have been looking for!
  2. yangian

    I think 800 emphasizes sub-bass. Sometimes it sound like a background "noise". People may like it or not.
  3. yangian
    Though I didn't hear 846, I'm quite sure about the bold claim. Senn. always do wonderful jobs in this area. They's why IE series are all good for symphony/orchestra.
  4. Orky261
    the fact that DP-X1 is very digital in nature didn't help the IE800 making harsh sounding tone in some parts of songs, so maybe it's the DX200 itself also but I think it's also the synergy that makes the combo good.
  5. sklonchpower
    Dear all.
    I'm thinking about full- or semi-recabelling of IE800.
    What could you say about it?
    Is it worse to replace stock cable for silver or litz one. My stock is ok (thanks God).
    Is it worse to think about\ do it??
    Which differences had you noticed after recabeling?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards.
  6. Dobrescu George
    Hey Vlad 
    Quick advice: Recable only after the stock is broken and you don't have warranty! 
    Otherwise, you might feel sad about the decision you made... They are tiny and hard to mod and the differences are not that high! 
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  7. cellarbro
    So after my incident with the comply's denting my IE800, I sent them in for warranty repair. I didn't get a shipment out yet, but I contacted a customer service rep and they stated they are going to send me a new pair. First time dealing with their warranty service. Just wow.
    Sennheiser likes this.
  8. jwbrent

    Happy to hear.
  9. Audioguy94

    Ive also sent my SE846 in for repair yesterday. Whilst removing the cable for them a piece of metal got stuck so i cannot put the cable back on. Ive sent them to the company i bought from as Shure will not deal with me directly. (Not good customer service so far). Lets see how good shure are compared to sennheiser!
  10. Audioguy94
    Hey guys, this is my 3rd day with the IE 800's so here's my review:
    Build Quality:The Sennheiser IE800's are very impressive earphones but with some build quality issues. The most obvious build quality issue that I have found is the fact that the cable doesn't detach from the earphone itself, it merely detaches from the Y split. I have had a lot of earphones in my time and to be fair, all of them had broken from the end part of the cable. But I would still like to see these detachable from the IEM itself as you just never know. What comforts me a little bit is the 2 year warranty and from what I've read Sennheiser are very good when it comes to this. So this issue wasn't enough to put me off buying them. The cable itself seems to be of very high quality and it is kevlar reinforced. Overall I like the build quality, but it isn't the best due to the reason I stated above.
    The unboxing experience: Not the best... as you do not get a whole lot there, you get a few replacement earbuds with the medium ones pre-installed. You also get a carrying case which when opened up has the exact shape of the IE 800's cut out for better fit, cleaning cloth, manuals and a plastic tool in which I do not know the use for.
    The sound: This is going to be the most important part of this review as you buy earphones for their sound. And what is the sound like? Phenomenal. Utterlly phenomenal. But to go into more depth I'll break the sound down for you.
    Bass: The bass is said to be somewhat over emphasised, however, I did not find this. In my honest opinion I'd say the bass is perfectly controlled and punchy, but not over emphasised. I would even go as far as to say its neutral, if not the slightest bit emphasised. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the bass a solid 9/10. It isn't there when uncalled for but when it's called for, it delivers a punch. It is great!
    Midrange: The midrange is definitely neutral. The mids aren't as forward as on some earphones, the Shure SE846 for example (which I also own). However, the detail delivered here is amazing. They are perfectly detailed. Some people say the mids are recessed and in comparison to some earphones they are, but that's because they're neutral. Anyone saying the mids are recessed clearly own earphones that have forward mids. The mids I give a 8.5/10 for but this is due to me preferring the mids being forward. Still though, an 8.5/10 is still a very good rating, and I give this due to the detail. But anyone who finds forward mids fatiguing will love the mids on these! They are perfectly natural.
    Treble: Now this is where these headphones shine the most, as everyone else says. The treble is sparkly and HUGELY detailed yet again. However, it definitely isn't neutral. I got a little worried before I bought these as I thought the SE846 had harsh treble and these are more emphasised in that area. However, for some reason, I do not find it harsh, I have to give a solid 10/10 for treble here. I do not think the over emphasised gives the illusion of detail, I think it DOES deliver detail.
    Soundstage: This is very impressive for an IEM. I find the Soundstage huge on these and it is significantly bigger than the SE846. It is airy and lush. Yet again, I'm going to give a 10/10 here. There isn't much I can say about it, I'm speechless. 
    Imaging: The imaging is also fantastic, due to the large Soundstage, However, I still wouldn't say its as good as the SE846. But it is definitely good and anyone would be impressed with it. A solid 8,5/10 is given here.
    Separation: Now this is my favourite part of the IE800!! You can literally here every different string of a guitar being played! Literally. This completely took my breath away, every different note is articulated and presented to you. You don't have to be an audiophile to pick this up. My friend was very impressed with the separation of the SE846 but these earphones are even better! I bet when I let him listen to these that he is speechless just as I was. 10/10.
    Conclusion: The IE800 may have some design flaws, but the sound is amazing. Comparing it to the SE846, I'd say the sound is more impressive in terms of detail. However, I'd still say the SE846 sounds more 'fun' whereas these sound more detailed. I love both, and I'm glad I own both. These are more technically impressive due to the fact they do more things well and are more detailed, but the SE846 are more musical. 
    If you have read all of this review, then thank you. If you have any questions, please ask. Cheers.
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  11. Sennheiser
    Audioguy94, indeed I did read all of your review, a nice balance of subjective feelings and objective description! Have you added your review to the product page also? That way, your writing won't get buried in the thread:

    Just curious, what was the first song you listened to with the IE800?

    Keep up the great discussion folks!
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  12. AndrewH13
    Glad you liked them Audioguy, bucking the trend of those with 846 and a disliking for extended treble, who struggle.

    I have both, and like you, find they both have great qualities.
  13. Audioguy94
    Great work on the IE800's! They sound amazing!
  14. jwbrent

    Does the new special edition IE 800 have any improvements in regards to performance/sound?
  15. cellarbro

    Shure made me send back the carry case when I told them the zipper was crooked. I even attached the photo of how bad the zipper was made. Waste of 3 dollars to send back the case so that they would replace it. They did send me an email saying it has been replaced and shipped out however. Their customer service was okay but to mail back my case to get a new one seemed kind of stupid. Just mail me a new one -.-   
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