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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. joshnor713
    I suppose if you use a shirt clip. The IE 800's microphonics would make it a nightmare otherwise. Sound isolation is OK; there's better out there. But Comply does make foam tips for the IE 800 now.
  2. Audioguy94
    Wow. The sound is so detailed! And the soundstage is bigger than the SE846 by a big margin.

    Im not finding the treble harsh at all. I dont know what people are talking about when they say there is an emphasis on the bass. To me they sound very neutral in the bass and the midrange with a sparkly treble. Anyone agree?

    They aren't fakes, i bought direct from Sennheiser:D
  3. Audioguy94
    Well the bass is controlled. I still stand by that its neutral. Its tight and controlled. The highs are this headphones specialty as well as detail and soundstage. Ill have to conpare these to my SE846. After listening for a few hours i feel inclined to say i prefer these due to the detail. But who knows, they're my new toy. Im bound to have a favourable opinion of them
  4. joshnor713
    Nice! It is very clean and detailed, that's the first thing I noticed. IMO, the soundstage is more 3D than the SE846, but the SE846 goes out wider.
    They may be talking about the sub-bass. It is prominent, but I really like it. It goes really deep.
  5. Audioguy94
    I'll have to compare them both side by side! And give a thorough review of them both. At the moment I don't feel like writing a detailed review of them as I'm too busy enjoying the music! :D haha. 
    I do think for sure that these have better separation than the SE846 (though the SE846 still has lots of separation) but I'd say these win at separation. I have been wowed by them thus far
  6. cellarbro

    *wait for the burn in* or as some might say "brain burn in" 
  7. cellarbro

    Dior partnership with sennheiser. The IE800 from Dior look crazy slick.
  8. gerbi
    Love the opaque look and the braided cable
  9. cellarbro

    Definitely. If that were the same price, I would have been all over it. Im pretty sure the price is definitely going to be higher when they slap another brands name next to me. No fakes rolling around with that limited edition production most likely.
  10. audionewbi

    Ie800 Dior, it appears the horrible stock cable no longer is present there.
  11. cellarbro
    reminds me of a ferrari. I guess that is what they were aiming for.
  12. catroni
    this is the same as the old ie800 just with new aesthetic, yes? or is this the "s" version or an upgrade version?
  13. audionewbi
    Yes imo it looks better than the stock IEM
    too early to say but from the picture they no longer seem to use the stock kevlar cable which over time gets very stiff. 
  14. jwbrent
    I love special edition audio products. I hope Sennheiser has these for audition at the upcoming CanJam.
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