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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dj Jaz
    Got my Real IE800's direct from Sennhiser and WOW they sound good.
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  2. Rob80b
    Lets hope so! [​IMG]
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  3. jwbrent

    Congrats! They'll get even better with a bit of time on them.
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  4. 3388
    Hi there! I ve ak320+ak380amp paired with k3003. A big fan of large scale orchestral music.is ie800 sounds better than k3 and match w my device on hand? Tks and all comments are welcome.
  5. Dobrescu George
    They are somewhat on pair, but with a very different presentation. 
    Ie800 has considerably more bass and better separation between instruments. The soundstage, while might not be necessarily bigger, it is precise and the cutting edge of instrument separation. 
  6. 3388
    Great!! Thanks.
  7. cellarbro
    So, I tried to purchase the comply tips that said they work for the IE800. Turns out that they don't fit at all. I accidentally pushed in my grill a bit trying to get the tips to fit correctly. Since the wired grill isn't flat, any small force would bend them. They still sound the same but it bothers me knowing that there is a dent. I have to send them into sennheiser to get them repaired since they are still under warranty.
    Just a note to everyone not to mess too much with the grill. Also do not order comply tips that said it works with IE800. Im out money and now my IE800 need to be repaired.
  8. jwbrent

    Not good, not good at all. Thank you for reporting this, and I hope your IE 800 is returned to you soon.
    I kind of feel bad since I posted earlier the link to Comply's website showing the replacement tips. I was going to get some, but I won't do so now. My apologies.
  9. Sound Eq
    dam i ordered the same tips why on earth do they say they fit, i still did not get them
  10. kuebler
    Remote controlling for iPhone/IE800?
    Does anybody know a reasonable solution/adapter for controlling (volume, back/forward) the IE800 on an iPhone? Because I don't want to have to go to the players menu for doing this.
    Sennheisers cable adapter RCS800 doesn't work fully with iPhones and costs $140, so this really doesn't make sense for me.
    My ideal remote control adapter cable would accept the 2.5 mm jack and thus substitute Sennheisers 2.5->3.5mm adapter cable. But also a short additional adapter cable 3.5->3.5mm might be a consideration.
  11. Dj Jaz
    Apple Watch is a nice remote:grin:
  12. cellarbro

    No worries. They stated on their website that it fits the IE800. I don't know how legitimate those reviews which say they fit are. They 100% do not fit and I guarantee that if you do not damage the grill the first time, it will happen the second or third time. 
    The physical packaging does not state that they fit for the IE800 despite it saying so on the website when ordering. It says they are good for the momentum. They returned my money and let me keep the comply tips but they don't fit anything I have. I guess ill just leave them until I get something they fit for sometime in the distant future.
    I would try to return them or say that they do not fit. Do not try them on. If you have warranty you can try your luck but don't say I didn't warn you lol. 
  13. kuebler

    Yes, and very cheap, and doesn't influence my habits... :wink:
    Anybody else with something more "basic"?
  14. davescleveland
    I use the comply 200 and the work like a charm. The ie800 listed through comply is for the tdk ie800 not sennheiser. 200 works great but has a tendency to fall off.
  15. tajpapa
    Anyone here has heard the Sony MDR-Z1R bass compared to IE800? Planning to buy IE800 if the bass is comparable.
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