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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. les_garten
    Those last pix look better
  2. cellarbro

    I haven't seen one of good quality yet. I looked into the in line mic one but I didn't find any around in the US.
    Im sure you can find something. Not sure how it would affect audio quality.
  3. zuber
    One thing I have noticed is the logo on the right earphone https://abload.de/img/ie800close2n9osr.jpg. It looks like the ratio of width and hight is not right. Original sennheiser logo is much wider than taller (if you know what I mean). I have tried to take a picture of mine, but I have got only iphone5s and there is no macro function, very hard to make sharp picture from that distance. 
    Looking at that photo: https://abload.de/img/ie800close1jnpmy.jpg
    Logo on the 2,5mm jack looks better (is wider, not as tall as the one on the earphone) however, look at the thickness of the vertical line at the bottom left and compare it to the vertical line at the top right.
    You will see the difference in thickness. Top right vertical line is slightly thicker than bottom left one.
    Just my findings. I have got my pair from Sennheiser Germany, so I believe legit one :)
  4. cellarbro

    Now that I look at the image, I see what you mean. I looked at mine and compared it.
    The length is not a square. Its a clear rectangle and is wider than tall while its harder to distinguish in this picture. The angle of the S on the Earbuds, has smaller sizes in comparison to the one in the photo by OP. The S is also not uniform in length. The ends of the S are slightly thinner in comparison. It could be the angle and closeness of the shot. 
    I actually think it has to do with zooming in. When I took a photo of mine and zoomed into the earbuds the logo looked closer to the one that OP has listed up. If you zoom out from the photo, it looks normal to me. I don't know, they look okay to me after trying to take a photo of mine and realizing that the logo looks the same once you zoom in. (comparing to the one OP has, mine has the same look of similar length throughout the S on the earbuds.
    Get it checked out by an authorized seller if you really have questions about it. I still think his is legit. Had me question it a bit because you bring up a good point but trying to take a photo of mine also lead to the same kind of thickness on the logo.
  5. Unrealeck
    Looking at the logo on the earpieces, the logo is actually noticeably wider than it is tall. I suppose it doesn't look that way in my picture because of the angle and the roundedness of the earpiece.
    As for the logo on the connector, it also looks very uniform. No noticeable difference between the lines.
    More pics (hope I'm not boring you :wink: that'll be the last I think anyway as you surely get the point.)
  6. cellarbro

    Okay. You have a fake. 100% IMG_0688.jpg
    Your grill is not right. It should be like this:
    WWWWWWW not #######
    WWWWWWW      #######
    WWWWWWW      #######
    I think your top was replaced with a fake. A really good one at that I think but the grill should not be the way it is.
  7. zuber
    I was just about to say that you got the real one, based on these additional logo photos. But looking at grill's mesh I am not convinced. It looks suspicious to me. 
    Mine have similar mesh like on the #cellarbro photos. Compare the density of the mesh.
  8. kuebler
  9. zuber
  10. Unrealeck
    Okay I'll post in that thread. A new picture of the grill too.
  11. les_garten
    A lot of that depends on how the light hits it.
    Mine look like a w or a # depending on the angle of the light
  12. Joel Choo
    Mine are from Sennheiser Singapore and they look exactly like yours. Note in the second pic of the Y Connector, where there is a gold ring revealing between the seams. I noticed that only the real ones have the gold ring.

  13. jwbrent

    Same here.
  14. Dobrescu George
    In my humble and honest opinion, even after two years of owning them, ie800 can be rightfully named an In-Ear HD800S
  15. Misson07
    Tried the SpinFit CP220 tips with the IE800 and it yields a very interesting result. The mid is now fuller/lush and is much more forward. The bass is more smooth and less obstructive to the overall frequency. And while the treble is definitely more recessed, it's still very clear, unlike with the comply foam tips which muffled the treble quite a bit. The best thing about this tips is that the weird thin and splashy treble is now gone and sound much more smooth and natural.  

    Overall, It does quite a lot of changes to IE800's unique character. The overall signature is quite warmer and are much more easier to the ear. However, it did sound a bit less spacious and detailed, both probably due to the now much more forward mid and overall warmer sound. Also, while the tips fit fine with the nozzle it still not exactly secure. Sometimes when you pull out the earphone, the tips will stuck in the ear. Shallow insertion did fix that a bit, though.
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