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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. cellarbro

    I found the IE800's pretty good for rock music especially things that are classics. Rock's not my main genre but from what I threw at it, it handled it without any issues. They have a quality about them that can bring life to old tracks. It sounds live as if you were transported to the studio. I turned on some old remastered beatles albums and wow. Other IEM's even with the remastered versions still sounded lifeless and like old recordings. Not the IE800.
    You can always post up some photos to check if the IE800's are real or not. 
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  2. Unrealeck
    Thanks Cellarbro.
    It's probably something I'll end up doing. I'm pretty adamant about getting the real deal, especially with things this expensive.
    What you said with regards to the sound of music through them seems to match what I've been reading from others.
  3. WoodyLuvr
    For me it was between the Shure SE535LTD-J and Senn IE800... and I choose the Shures for nearly all the same reasons you did.  I as well just couldn't get a good fit with the IE800s and they didn't seem that much better than the Senn IE8/80s... though I do have small ears and have minor hearing damage.
    I have been very disappointed in a lot of the flagship/hi-end models as of late... I actually couldn't discern a difference between the SE535s and the SE846s and the SE846s were actually too large for my ears to fit well and they were nearly as fatiguing as the IE800s.  Then when I went to buy a pair of JVC Woody FX1200s I ended up with the lower model FX750s instead at nearly half the price! (see here for why). And now, recently, I have given away my dust-covered Audeze LCD-2s (they were too heavy, sweaty, and offered poor isolation) because of a surprisingly fun, long-listening, well-isolating, timbre-clear, super-comfortable pair of B&O H6s. Go figure!
  4. kuebler
    After all the very high end and high sophistication discussions here comes a very basic question:
    We all know Sennheisers "Bass Adjustment-/ Cleaning Tool CX / IE Series", as they officially call it.
    I can well understand the cleaning function, but how about the "Bass Adjustment"?
  5. Dobrescu George
    You're curious how it works? 
    It's a semi open design, where you can either open or close the bass port [​IMG]
  6. kuebler

    Very curious!
    I didn't find anything on the web about it.
    Do you recommend tinkering around with it, and if Yes, how do I do that?
  7. Dobrescu George
    Just find your best setting (?) 

    I owned ie8's for a long long time and with the setting at lowest the bass was already much for me. I would use a custom mod where I would cover the port with duct tape, the sound becoming tighter. 
    Opening it at max will give you biggest soundstage and most bass. 
  8. kuebler

    Thanks for trying to help me :wink:
    But so early in the morning my cognitive capabilities may be still too low for such advanced things... :wink:
    What means "Opening it at max"? How do I set this with this instrument? I guess mechanically, but how???   [​IMG] 
  9. Dobrescu George
    It's like turning a screw [​IMG]
    You have a minimum and a maximum after which it will not turn. The port you see itself opens mechanically and it lets more or less air pass. 
    You have some small indentations on the side of the bass tuning mechanism, when you put in the mechanism you will have one side of the plastic screw pointing at the part with indentations - turn it between min and max, use a slow and fine motion. 
    It literally acts like a screw that can be either tightened or loosened [​IMG]
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  10. kuebler

    Tnaks a lot, and from your pictures I can understand it well, but this is not the IE800.
    Does it also work somehow with the IE800?
  11. kuebler
    Inquiry closed :wink:
    I just got a phone call from Sennheiser support, and the bass enhancement function indeed does not work with the IE800.
  12. Dobrescu George
    Oh, I thought you were asking about ie8 when you meant bass enhancement function [​IMG]
    It only works with ie8,. Ie800 has helmholts resonnators that help with the bass and that help alleviate the natural  occuring treble spike 
  13. mattmc1228

    I am using the ie800's into my LG V20 AND Astell & Kern XB10 Bluetooth adapter that plays Aptx HD (phone also has Aptx HD (very nice sound)
  14. cellarbro

    I guess the size and shape of our ears make it a factor of what we enjoy or not. I have heard the 535's lacking in bass but the majority of the sound signature is the same between the 535 and the 846 give or take a little extra detail and space.
    I also thought about the 535 when it went on sale earlier this month for around 300$. At 500 it didn't seem like so appealing to me. I also have sometimes a sense of upgraditis. So springing 535 will definitely make me question if they are good enough. Had no intentions of seeking out the se836 but I have read extensively on them when I was looking to buy the IE800. When they went on sale and hit the price of 700$ brand new, I couldn't resist. I stumbled upon someone talking about it at the 846 thread and couldn't pass. Really glad I bought them as my ears are medium sized and they fit wonderfully from the stock tips right out of the box.
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  15. Unrealeck
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