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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Roybenz

    I run mine from iphone 7 and ipad air 2. Tried against mojo many times but cant hear any difference.
  2. les_garten
    I don't have any Portable Headphone Amps.  The headphone amps I was referring to are larger desktop amps.  They make quite a difference to me.
  3. Dobrescu George

    I also found a huge difference between running ie800 from phone and from laptop and from a dedicated audiophile dap...
  4. Unrealeck
    I just sent back an A&K Jr too and bought an LG G5 with the DAC/amp module.
    I wish I could hear these closer to home but I don't even think they've got a set at Richer Sounds in the nearest city.
    If I buy them from Amazon I can send them back, but I just sent back that A&K DAP and a pair of Fidues. Don't want to start taking the piss with returns.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Did you not like JR? 
  6. Unrealeck
    I just didn't think it was worth the money as well as having to carry another device around. So I went with a new phone and DAC/amp.
  7. Badfish5446
    I've recently put down my portable stack in favor of the LG V20... can't say I have many regrets... the Sine could use a little more juice as the phone sees impedance below 50 ohms as "easy to drive" and drops power output.  1 click below max is still loud enough but I would like more adjustability which lower volume tracks.  Other than that one specific case this phone completely destroyed my idea of what audio quality is possible out of a phone.
  8. sklonchpower
    Dear all.
    Could you be so kind to give me a piece of advice:
    Is it possible\necessary to recable ie800?
    The main problem for me that I cant wear them over-ear and I start thinking of recabeling.
    Does anybody made a recabelling? and what's changed?
    Kind regards.
  9. Vesperaudio
    It is possible, but requires al lot of skill and luck. I do not advise this since earphone's stock cable still functioning or since you are not really good in recabling. You can also google my nickname to see recabled exemplars.
    sklonchpower likes this.
  10. Dobrescu George
    Exactly like @Vesperaudio  said, you could recable them, but it's a pretty bad idea i they still work. I also advice against wearing ie800 over the ear at this moment, it changes sound a bit too much and you might not like the changes made as much as you like them at this moment. 
    Ie800 is best work straight down and that is true, you can check my method of stopping the cable noise with them using the included cable separator! 
    sklonchpower likes this.
  11. Sound Eq
    you know this is the thread that i visit when i sometimes get frustrated with everything i own besides ie800, and in such cases i pop in my ie800 and i am  in total happiness
    the ie800 simply rocks, i did a nice mod where i am using jvc spiral dots and the results are amazing
    metalboss likes this.
  12. jwbrent

    What mod did you use?
  13. Sound Eq
    a genius mod @H20Fidelity thought about it and now i use accross my iems
    I wonder if he remmebers his suggestion of that mod :)
    I will wait a day before I put pictures and see if he still remmebers
    he mentioned it in the ibasso it03 thread
  14. jwbrent

    Look forward to your pics ...
  15. Unrealeck
    Does anyone own HD600/650 and IE800?
    How do they compare? Can the IE800 match or beat the HDs for soundstage and resolution? What about boomy bass?
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