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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. cellarbro

    For my genre of pop, hiphop, electronic music, I don't mind a forward midrange. I have heard the bass is the most prominent feature but the midrange is also there. The treble is a bit where it is supposed to lack. (Haven't heard them yet so I cant say. I might find the treble on point because I am a little sensitive)
    The IE800 do have a lot of issues in terms of short cable, microphonic, average isolation. After owning these for about a month, I can say these are meant for audiophiles who like to plug a pair of IEM into their phone and listen at home, have the money to spend on something that is TOTL without going the custom route. It also shines with genre's that are reflective of this ideal listener. (Classical, Jazz, Film Score, Rock)
    With hip hop, IE800 gets a little too boomy and overly punchy. It  doesn't bleed into the mid range but it just isn't what it specializes in. If the above genres are your cup of tea, I would not hesitate to recommend it. These are definitely sit at home and enjoy on the couch IEM's however. After buying them, I found that I was still missing an every day IEM with superior sound isolation, SQ and bass that I can enjoy. I have never heard the SE846 to be described as bland.
  2. les_garten
    What retail places usually have these as demo units?
    I am in South FL.
  3. Dobrescu George
    Oh, I actually find ie800 to be one of  the best rap / hip-hop IEMs in the world. The level of detail ie800 has in the mid and treble does help me so much with feeling refreshed after listening to a rap song [​IMG] 
    My type of music ranges from "You gotta tell me how that band is named" all the way to "No human should ever listen to that thing". 
    This includes Rock, Punk, Rap, Industrial, EDM, Electro, Dance, House, Electronica, Dubstep, Classical, Avant Garde, Orchestral, OSTs, trap,  trance, death metal, post hardcore, ska, and everything in between. 
    Some bands / songs click with me while others don't 
    I listen to some really known music while some well known music is pain to my ears - cannot escape this phenomenon. 
    Ie800 so far has boded extraordiairly well will absolutely everything I thrown at it, old music (1980) and new music (2017), all generas, all bands, all recording conditions. Where the song was badly recorded, ie800 brought more details, where the song was well recorded, ie800 made it better 
    There was a single thing which didn't go well with ie800 and that was Sirenia. Their mastering enhanced the treble too much and while it sounds lovely, it has a bit too much for ie800 - but this was absolutely the only thing that I would say ie800 didn't do best. Every single other band was reproduced amazingly well by ie800 and nothing else was better - from the IEMs I tried so far. I have a list I'm looking forward to hear and I do hope to find something better  -  that would be the most exciting thing ever! 
  4. Unrealeck
    Does anyone own these and Philips' Fidelio X2 over-ears?
    If so, how do they compare? Do the IE800s sound like they're worth more than twice the price?
  5. Mr Makarov

    IE800 sounds better than Philips Fidelio X1 and X2, MUCH better. Better bass, better soundstage (yes, no joke, wider than that of the X2), much more clear and transparent, much more detailed, full bodied. X2 in comparison sound cheap, unrefined, wrong and boring after IE800. Sold them (X2) after 2 weeks because they do not compare to IE800 and Denon D600 (a closed can that is more comfortable and still sound just better/detailed/livelier than both X1 and X2). IE800 (to me) sound better than HD700 and Hifiman HE-400i (which I like very much) and both destroy X2 (well...bass on the X2 has more quantity but that´s all). Just my opinion based on direct comparisons.   
  6. Unrealeck
    Might take a shot at them then. £495 on amazon warehouse. Like new. 30 day money back. If they sound better than these X2s I'll be pretty damn chuffed.
    I'm guessing the IE800s will sound great out of a phone? I'm using an LG G5 with a B&O amp addon.
  7. cellarbro

    Hmmm. I find the IE800 a bit too heavy on the bass for bass focused music. In my opinion that would be hip hop and some electronic. It gets fatiguing to listen to very quickly and I have the urge to want to switch to something else. Hence, I use it to listen to softer music that sometimes doesn't have emphasis on bass and sparkly treble. 
    Perhaps you may find the SE846 not bright enough or with enough sparkle for your taste. I can listen to the HD600 for 2-3 hours before I need rest while the IE800 are about 30 min to 1 hour depending on what I listen to. 1 hour to 2 hours max if it's rock and not bass focused music, or something with lots of highs. Organic music is best on the IE800.
    Maybe it's just me. I have to point out for the record that I used to write music and my studio monitors in my studio, are flat in the frequency spectrum with a small boost to the bass. They sound fantastic and have not dropped in price from when I purchased them because they are no longer made. It kind of reminded me of the ER4PT but more lifelike, a bit more body, and not as thin with a stronger capable punch. One of the best investments I made was the speakers and acoustic treatment. Another beast but definitely another level of audio nirvana that you need to experience. 
    This is where I came from and is my reference sound that I am used to, Sometimes, even the clarity of TOTL in ears cannot touch the presence of being able to 'feel the music' from a pair of studio monitors.
    Edit: Im listening to my studio monitors and I definitely prefer the sound signature of my IEM than the speakers which are very flat. (Great for mixing and producing tho) I guess your taste do change. They don't have the same level of clarity as the IE800 or TOTL IEM. Spoke too soon. 
  8. Unrealeck
    Are the IE800s easy to fit smaller ears? I had trouble with the Fidue A83s and had to return them because the angular shape of them would stab into part of my ear when trying to get them as far in as possible. These look like they'd fit better because they're straighter and have a rounded casing.
  9. Dobrescu George
    Best there are for small ears [​IMG]
    lol [​IMG]
    To be honest, I actually felt at least two times that the bass is too much - but I'm a basshead so that is not a problem unless the music itself had distortion in the bass or distortion in general. 
  10. les_garten
    I am running mine out of my Flammable Note7.
    I run them within 1 click of max.  They require a bit of Juice to run them.
    They sound Good, but nothing like off a headphone amp which really wakes them up.
  11. Caruryn
    Fidelio X2 does have wider soundstage than ie800 and more bass quantity but it is uncontrolled bass.In everything else it  is many steps below ie800,bass quality,stereo imaging,clarity,everything sounded veiled and distant,the strings,instruments,guitars,everything sounded muddy,the timbre was off,there was no layering in the soundstage,just a big bloaty sound.Very unimpressed when i listened to them from a member here.If you want to get the detail,transparency and texture in mid/low/highs of a high end iem in a headfone you need to spend $1000+,no way around it in order to get that big out of head experience.
  12. Dobrescu George
    Except for Ultrasone Dj One Pro - which is obscenely cheap [​IMG]
    No idea how it manages to do things so well at this price - but it might also be because of my personal ears and because S-logic actually works with my ears. 
  13. Caruryn
    We in Europe get the shaft as far as audio pricing goes and electronics in general,especially the 1/1 conversion from dollar plus additional taxes/custom.The one company that makes you feel lucky to be born here is Ultrasone which is manufactured in Germany.How is this for a change?
  14. Badfish5446
    Own both and agree with the posts saying they aren't comparable.  My purpose behind owning both is greatly different though... I use the X2 primarily for gaming with a BoomPro mic and the IE800 is portable music listening only.  In a world where I could only own one headphone to perform ALL of my listening needs it would be hard to choose but I would probably go X2 (comfort being a deciding factor over-ear vs in-ear).  Luckily this isn't a silly place like that and I can own more than one headphone :)
    Edited for Quote
  15. Dobrescu George
    Wow... If I would had had the money to spend right now, I would get a pair right this moment! 
    Gotta say, I would generally go with HD800S for ultimate headphone - but I must comply with having a closed back pair that isolates well and has the soundstage of HD800S - so my options are rather limited to mostly Ultrasone [​IMG]
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