Sennheiser IE80 *MINT*
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Up for sale is my IE80. I have only owned it a short while. I traded my Fidelio X1 for it and am realizing that I need over ears more than I need an IEM. The attached images ARE MINE. They show some of the clear indicators of an authentic pair. The first picture showing the grey font on the box rather than the white font that a fake pair's box would have. The others show the sennheiser logo engraving, it is actually etched out of the aluminum face rather than what a fake pair would have; a sticker. And then the cable showing the spacing between "IE" and "80" along with a slightly more narrow font. It is in mint condition, both physically and functionally. I got it off bb rodriguez (user here). 
I have the original packaging and everything included except the optional ear guides, I don't find them necessary anyway.
I will accept trade offers for a DT880 (pro or premium) or DT990 (premium only) in the 250 or 32 ohm variants. Cash can be added on my side based on the condition of yours. I may also be interested in trades for desktop amps that can handle high impedance headphones, or a DSLR camera with cash on my side.
If buying, the price includes shipping but not the paypal fee. Sending as gift will allow you to pay the $155 price, but as a regular paypal payment add 3.7% to the price.
International buyers inquire about shipping.
Please do not low ball the hell out of me, these are priced about $90 lower than a used pair would be on Amazon.
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