Sennheiser IE80, Audio Technica IM02, or...?
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May 23, 2012
So, my Miles Davis Tribute and F806 walkman are on their last throes.
I'll probably start with a replacement earphone.
Just came off an impromptu audition for the IE80 and IM02, and I must say, I love the bass and warmth from the IE80 and the clarity and soundstage from the IM02.
What are your thoughts about these 2?
Also, any recommendations for a compromise between those 2 at their price ranges?
As for DAPs, I'm considering the Sony ZX1 and Onkyo DX1s. Lots of comparisons with the ZX2, but can't seem to find any against the ZX1s, would also be interested to know your thoughts about them

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