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Sennheiser ie 800 s AMP/DAC?

  1. greyscale75
    Am using new ie 800 s. Listening from a Samsung S7 or a Apple Ipad via 3.5mm. I called Sennheiser CS regarding the HDV 820 to pair with the ie 800 s. Was actually told by the rep that pairing would be complete overkill. And I would not even be utilizing the amp section.
    So, what could I get to better the Ipad or S7 ? Was looking at the Sony TA-ZH1ES (has a remote!) but I believe this might also be overkill. My music is mostly classical and 60s to 80s rock.
    Yesterday, just for s&g I ordered a ALLO Digione Signature so to feed what, not sure.
  2. Drog

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