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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. B1ll
    Perhaps. They were also demoed on the woefully incompetent HDVD SS amp, I was unimpressed. It was darker, not as detailed, even with a SS amp vs. my tube amp, perhaps this was why it seemed to image more diffusely. Hard pass as a daily driver, but it might make a good pair for travel.
  2. pietcux
    The price would only be absurdly high if they reused like 90% of the HD800 parts like with the HD800S. But if you inspect the pictures closely and with interest, the you see that not many parts remain the same. I gues parts of the headband and the cables are identical. Not even the driver can be exactly the same as it is a closed headphone vs open on the HD800. The price is high though, because the headphone is still handmade in Germany and follows exstemely high quality standards plus low production volumes. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have it for 500 €$£ whatever, but this is not going to happen.
  3. zolkis
    Thicker pads alone will likely make the sound more bassy and more muddy. But also depends on the filling.
  4. FullBright1
    There will be plenty of used and affordable ones to go around.
    Within 2 yrs.
    Till then, just buy 3 or 4 others that you'll end up selling by the time anyway, before the affordable used 820s show up, then use all that (resell) money to buy them.

    The reality is..... unless you can sit in a quiet room with your go-to headphones, and your go-to music, and have an entire 2 day to listen, compare, and analyze, those as compared to the 820s, you are rolling the dice to buy them unheard, just like it always is when you buy a new set of Cans.
    But in this case..... thats some heavy heavy dice, and the stinger is a big one, if you get stung.
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  5. tube head
    I read an interview with Alex, the Senn. designer. He said the HD820 is not a continuation of the HD800 series.I think he said the HD800S is still their best audiophile quality headphones. The HD820 is their audiophile quality closed headphone. He said he took the numbers from the first closed headphone he designed for Sennheiser, the HD280, and changed the numbers around.
    We could argue forever which is better. And I agree that if you have and can use the HD800S, there is no need to buy the HD820's. But if you have a wife like mine, that could hear a mouse fart in a thunder storm, there is no way I could use an open back headphone. She hates jazz, and that's what I listen to lately. And she would here me in the den from the bedroom with the door closed at night, when I like to listen, if I didn't use closed back phones.
    I think I will also wait until after they have been out long enough to get some real impressions on how they sound. But I really think a pair is in my future.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  6. Hifiearspeakers
    His name is Axel Grell, not Alex.
  7. exdmd
    Well you gotta keep the wife happy no option unless you fancy a divorce.
  8. tube head
    Sorry My bad. It's been a while since I read the interview. Thank you for the correction.
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  9. pietcux
    Yea, let's wait it out. Just got me HD800 cans used for 600€ plus 120€ for new pads and haedband cushion.
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  10. Mark Up
    I wouldn't buy those unless I'd won the lottery. That said, they had a price no object plan to make the best closed cans and they did in my opinion. Compared to other expensive (though not as much) closed options, it's no contest. The LCD-XC? Please. It's hollow, painful, 3 times the weight. They look better on your headphone stand too. The Sony MDR-Z1 isn't much less, for retail, and is a whole different thing. That's the closed can for bass heads with money to spare. It edges these out in bass and probably has a similar sound stage but the high end just won't have the kind of detail these have. I also heard the peak in the higher end that Tyll noticed and it did bother me, made odd by how it happens in the middle of an ocean of otherwise smooth higher end. That's pretty much it for its closed competition, at least regarding what you can buy now and not some vintage models. It is the only pair I have heard I really think I could mix or master with. Closed is helpful, as I'd only use headphones in places I couldn't use my monitors which would likely have noise. The real reason is their balance. Their stereo field is accurate and not as 3D as some are, but that in itself disqualifies many cans from mixing. It can make things panned seem farther out than they are. The same with the treble, I don't hear anything I thought as missing, if it were brighter, I'd want to EQ it down a bit. The mid bass bump we are used to in closed cans quite often just wasn't there. Just clean extension. There is no doubt it means more to me as a gateway to closed tech they may use to create new HD6-- HD7-- series cans (HD620, HD720?) being closed, smooth but detailed, with better bass extension also. Their much easier to drive HD58X with more sub bass than any open Sennheiser, maybe tied with their too dark HD518, at such a low price shows they have a great future planned for us.
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
  11. Dobrescu George
    Better do all you can to keep your wife happy.
  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    this pretty much sums it up I feel like... The HD820 is what you want if you cant utilize the HD800s in most situations.

    I had to start closing the door in my listening room late at night because my gf got tired of hearing my HD800 from the bedroom (I gotta watch how loud I crank them in general lol)

    If you got the scratch and the HD800 series is your cup of tea then the HD820 should be a no brainer.
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  13. Rchandra

    Now Sennheiser holds a special place in my heart. So for me it's hard to bash a new product of there's but here I go. So I was able to listen to the hd820 today and I have to say that I'm really bummed out. I honestly didn't like them at all. They sounded muffled and compared to the HD800S I would say definitely the HD800S is the better buy. More detail, more cripsness. I didn't get a wow factor from the hd820 as I did with the hd800s honestly it really made me want the hd800S more after spending time with both. I really wanted to like these but they just didn't offer a good bass response, and yes being a closed headphone did hurt it a lot. Now I learned so much from this experience, first and foremost there are a ton of people on the hype train here saying these sound better then the hd800S but if this headphone is trying to be a closed back version of a hd800S then how on earth is this supposed to be better then that headphone to begin with? I am questioning now if people that leave comments on these really heard them at all to begin with. Honestly I prefer the sony mdrz1r. (so if you're someone who hates those headphones steer clear from my views) I had my Walkman with me the wm1A and they did a okay job powering them. I then used sennheisers hd820amp and it again just didn't wow me. If I'm being honest here spend less and get the hd800S I feel like the hd820 would be a great $1000 headphone but to me the hd800s wins. I walked in thinking I will pre order these but instead I purchased the HD800S. I will say this because I don't wanna leave on negative terms. The build quality was amazing on the hd820, they also looked and felt incredible. And they didn't leak as much to my surprise compairing them to my z1r. All in all in the end to me the HD800S wasn't meant to be closed up and contained, it was meant to be opened and set free. I spent about 2 hours with the setup and I hope this helps anyone that was interested in these.
  14. JabenZ
    Is the one you tried still a demo?
  15. ToonMechaMan
    I actually own both MDR Z1R and the HD 800 Super Dupont modded and was considering getting these because the MDR Z1R's passive noise cancellation and sound leakage is more like a semi-open headphone and I would love to have a version of the HD800S with excellent noise cancellation and low sound leakage for office and travel use, even if they're not worth the asking price or as good as its predecessors. Would you recommend them for that purpose?
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