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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. Bern2
    That's Sennheiser's fault. They should have given it a different number to eliminate confusion. Or HD800HR. (for Helmholtz resonator)
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  2. up late
    i finally gave the hd820 a brief listen today. it seemed to be a good approximation of the hd800s in closed-back form based on my memory of it. it is still bass lite to my ears.
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  3. skootb
    I heard the 820 today for the first time today and compared them to a bunch of others. They were my clear favorite

    One thing I did not get a good sense of is how well they isolate. Will people 4 feet away from me be able to hear what I'm listening to? The Sonys seems like they had a much tighter seal (though a much more bloated sound)
  4. up late
    if you're referring to the z1r, then it provided better isolation than the hd820 from outside noise imo. i can't answer your particular question tho.
  5. bflat
    wow, The HD820 seems to be as polarizing as the Z1R. I tried the Z1R at a local meet and I'm with the folks who hear it as heavy bass, recessed mids, and uneven treble. My source at that time was an AK SP1000 SS. On the Senn end , I've tried the HD800s with the HDV820 DAC at a Sennheiser store and found the overall sound a bit too clinical for my tastes. For open back I went with Utopias because I find those to be more organic sounding but very resolving. Depending on my mood, I sometimes add a slight EQ to boost sub bass.

    I've been wanting a closed back for home when I needed to not bleed out sound while others are in the same room. The polarizing arguments in the past 100+ pages actually helped me a lot LOL. It seems those who didn't like the Z1R, prefer the HD820 so that's what I went with and received it yesterday and have been listening for about 5 hours.

    With my WM1z, it sounded a lot like what I remembered about the HD800s. I was a bit disappointed that the low end was so tame and I thought I heard some of the "nasal" sound in the mids. I was afraid I made a mistake.

    At home and powered with my iCan Pro, it sounded much better. Great sub bass, tight articulate low end with good impact, no mid bass bleed. Mids pretty neutral and I don't hear the "nasal" character that many have noted. Highs are very well extended and detailed but not glaring like I found on HD800s. I thought I would want to enable tube mode on the iCan Pro, but that added a little too much low end to my ears so I stuck with solid state mode. I can interchange listening with my Utopias w/tubes and HD820 solid state and they are similar enough that the characteristics of one doesn't negatively affects the other. That's all I wanted. Had I gone with Z1R, I think my Utopias would sound very thin after my hearing adjusts to the characteristics of the Z1R.

    I'm sure people are sharing what they are hearing, but it's really surprising that some say the opposite of others. Maybe it's just like:

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  6. up late
    the elegia is also receiving its share of polarising comments. I'd be happy to give the hd820 another listen so i guess I didn't find it all that polarising .
  7. FlowSik
    Hi guys, what is the good price for getting hd820 at used/new
  8. FlowSik
    Same here, what's a good price for getting hd820 at used/new? i wanna get one
  9. AppleheadMay
    In the same boat but on the other side of the pond.
    Anyone know of a good deal around Europe/UK?
    Or anyone selling a used one?
    I'm going to get one eventually but not at the MSRP.
    Senn should give me a nice discount as I have already collected 11 of their phones and 2 of their amps. :)
  10. greygrey
  11. AppleheadMay
  12. robo24
    Had a nice visit to the Sennheiser store in SF last week, where I was the only customer. Really only spent about 5-10 minutes each with the 800, 800s, and 820 using mostly my Mojo but also their 820 amp. I'm a newbie so can only describe in relatively vague terms, but I know what I like. My HD700s are my favorite headphones I own (over Massdrop HE-4XX, 6XX, and Elex) so I was very interested in listening to the top of the Sennheiser line. Am very interested in a similar sound to the 700s and love a big soundstage, but want closed back to use on planes and not annoy the spouse who can hear my headphones in another room while he works.

    The 800 seemed most similar to the 700s (though didn't have them with me to A/B and the store doesn't sell them or the 600 & 650s anymore so couldn't even try those). 800s had more bass and toned down treble and were much more pleasant than the 800. The 820 I enjoyed as much, a bit more bass, and smaller soundstage but much larger than the Elex, which is open. All 3 were huge and didn't seal well on my smallish head. Approximated what it would sound like to others with them playing while wrapped around my leg. Basically couldn't hear anything coming from them so I'd feel comfortable using them on a plane. Am now contemplating selling off the 3 Massdrops and getting the 820s when I can find them under $2000. Also tried out a Clear, LCD-X, and Ananda elsewhere and was not similarly tempted, though enjoyed them all. Ideally I'd get the 800S and 820.
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  13. bflat
    The HD820 does a decent job of managing sound leakage but not very good at isolating external noise. Definitely would not recommend using on a plane.
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  14. AppleheadMay
    I wouldn't let go of that 6XX if I were you, it's simply a 650 at a nice price and a very different sounding headphone from the 7/8 range.
    I really enjoy the 6 series as much as the 7/8 series for different genres.
  15. tube head
    An E-Camera store, in Hong Kong called E-Infinity Is selling the HD820 for $1,679.00 New unopened box. I just ordered a pair. Enjoy.
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