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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. wirefriend
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  2. AppleheadMay
  3. Maelob
    Take your time searching this thread and you will find a few members’ comparisons with the Z1R.
  4. AppleheadMay
    I had a Z1R for a short time and all I hope is it doesn’t compare in any way.
  5. greygrey
    Hi everyone
    I own now an hd 820
    Do you know which Dap will manage to drive them?
    Currently i am using shanling m0 with alo cdm .
    I works well.
    But I am looking a more convienent , portable gear and better sound
    any suggestions ?
  6. wirefriend
    What is your definition of portable? How about Hugo 2? I think it would play to HD820's strengths - clarity and naturalness - well.
    I listened to HD820 with iBasso DX200 and Amp8 - it was driving them well with more clarity but less slam than Alo CDM.
  7. QueueCumber
    I took the HD820 and Hugo2 on vacation to Seattle this summer. Easy pair to travel with and convenient hooked up to an iPhone. I used a DN8PRO-2XL case and was able to just hook the headphones to my carry-on backpack using an included carabiner, so they didn’t even take up extra room in the backpack.
  8. greygrey
    Is someone knows if a Cayin n8 or ai sp1000m can drive them?
  9. Beagle
    At least the Z1R fits properly, keeping the sound consistent.
  10. headblid
    Not sure if this will help you but I have the 800S and the Z1R and recently acquired the HD820. I had them going on an HDVD800 and recently got an HDV820. I'm madly in love with the stock HD800S and love how they just get out of the way and let you enjoy your music with uncanny speed.
    I use the Z1R exclusively out of a WM1A and I happen to like the Z1R very much. It doesn't have the speed of the HD800S and most definitely feels a lot more closed. I really like the tall soundstage effect you get out of the Z1R and it's definitely a fun type of cans. The HD800S gives you the details without you looking for it and without it being unpleasant, the Z1R aren't for the detail freak as they make you want just listen and enjoy the dark sound.
    Now, the HD820... hmmm - it does everything almost as well as the HD800S. It comes extremely close and is a tiny bit more fun. Jumping between the HD820 and the Z1R might make the Z1R sound like a slow muddy mess at first because of the sheer speed of the Senns but to me ultimately, it's just a different type of sound.

    I would say that if you have the 800S and don't need the closed nature, you could probably skip the HD820. If you need closed, the HD820 is likely the closest you'll get to an HD800S. I haven't gone through my entire library with the 820 but so far, It feels like I could leave with either of the HD800S of the HD820 but I'm not nearly as picky about tiny differences as a lot of other audiophiles I know so your mileage may vary and the difference may be much more pronounced\important to you.

    When I got my 800S and hooked them up to the HDVD800 a few years ago, I figured I would never get rid of them and I would get off the headfi train... I failed at the latter but if I had to stick with just one out of the three, it would still be the 800S for me. I feel like I can tweak them to sound like a lot of other headphones with EQ but they will never sound like a Z1R for instance as they'll just never get that slow.


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  11. Slim1970
    This is probably the most subjective comparison I've read so far in this thread. I had the HD800S's and the Z1R's at the same time but sold the HD800S's in my upgrade pursuit of the Susvara's. The Z1R's are just a different sounding headphone that renders music is a different way that is smooth, warm in comparison to the HD800S's, and is musically enjoyable with all genres of music. The HD800S's are wide open,detailed, and spacious sounding headphones that complements the Z1R's. I really enjoy the Sennheiser sound. I've tried the HD700, the HD650's and HD660S's and none of them gave me what I missed about the HD800S's. I want to get the HD800S's again but now that the HD820's exist the decision is a little harder for me because the only thing I thought the HD800S's lacked was sub bass. If the HD820 gives you what the HD800S's give you with more bass then this may be the headphone to own. From reading your comments this sounds exactly like what the HD820 do. I really need to get a listen to the HD820's.
  12. Vitaly2017
    I owned Hdv 820 and hd800s, with upgraded furutech power cable... I sold my setup to go portable and also because I just couldnt go along with the treble of hd800s even after 600hours of listen...
    Today I tried the new hd820 and man they sound so natural and easy on my ears.
    I also own the sony wm1z and did a/b comparison between hdv820 and I seem to prefer the sound of my 1z over hdv820 with the hd820...
    Its warmer thicker and way more bassy and all this go so beautifully with the hd820 :) I also used the custom cable from wire world the nano eclipse all copper version.
    The hd820 can be pretty rumbly with 1z at some point I placed my hand on the earcup and it was shaking that was lovely I did like that hehe. By the way there were absolutely no distortion the hd820 can handle huge bass boost.

    I do own also the Tia Forte and I found the hd820 to be more natural and life like sounding in comparison, thought tia forte was extremely close to the hd820 by the way. Also offers a better bass, deeper wider and even more rumbly...
    I loved the hd820 treble its so smooth and silky it didnt seem to be as high as the hd800s and that made me happy to. I also preferred the treble of hd820 over tia forte. Again very natural feel and not piercing ether very enjoyable detailed and smooth.

    In over all perception I found the hd820 to be more balanced more life like easy to listen and very enjoyable, all frequency are equal nothing is over emphasized, it seems to be like a headphone you could listen to daily and never get tired.

    Natural, organic, analog, smoothness are all word coming to mind when I think of hd820 :)
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
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  13. Arniesb
    Its hard to understand you man? There is no Hd800s... its just HD800 and HD800S...
  14. up late
    what's so hard to understand? he is referring to the hdv820 dac/amp and both the hd800s and hd820 headphones in his post.
  15. Vitaly2017

    Haha sorry if my uncapital s did make so much trouble...

    But yea I refer uniquely to hd800S and hd820.
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