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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. jude Administrator
    My measurements look rather different. I'll post them later or tomorrow with some accompanying discussion. I'll show frequency response and THD measurements to start, compared to HD800, HD800S and MDR-Z1R.

    That video above is interesting (the one with Lachlan and his colleague). In that video are impressions from two gents prior to having seen any measurements.

    Brian (@AxelCloris) is working on editing Axel Grell's HD820 presentation from CanJam New York now. We hope to be able to post that in the coming days.

    My long story short: The HD800S has the edge in overall resolution -- that should be no big surprise. The HD800S is open-back, free-breathing, unencumbered by some of the issues of acoustics/physics that must be dealt with for this class of closed-back headphone. That said, for tonal balance, the HD820 is my personal favorite of the three HD8XX models. (For reference, I have a pretty strong preference for the HD800S versus the HD800.)

    Let's talk more later.
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  2. Beagle
    Just love bassheads reviewing flagship cans.
  3. dan.gheorghe
    The guy from the left is very close to my experience with HD820. While the term "colored" is subjective, I think that even if HD820 might be colored because it has a mid bass bump, I also considered HD800(s) to be colored because the lack of bass and because of the treble peak.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
  4. polarbearjorin
    I just received my HD 820 two days ago from nearby dealer.
    I'm listening to it now, with about 36 hours run in.
    I'm using it with MOON 430HA and Mytek192 via the XLR-4 connector.
    First impressions are fantastic with natural tonality.


  5. Beagle
    I guess the big question is, does it compete with or best the competition in its price range? To me, it does in some aspects (midrange and treble) but fails in the bass.
  6. SilverEars
    First of all, I like the idea of two people providing opinions. Kinda like Siskel and Ebert movie critics (those guys would at times disagree, and it's interesting to listen to each of them make their arguments back and forth). I think more than one different tastes/opinions, and each of them supporting their opinions is an interesting watch (provides more depth, that is if opinionated enough). I would have preferred stronger opinions though (doesn't come off fake). I'm sick of these are different, not better, bla.. Arbitrary statements. Oh wait, I didn't consider one thing, it's a video from a BUSINESS.

    Two things the guy on the right says has me scratching my head. Relax (to the HD800S) and accurate bass?! That I cannot understand. I got to say after listening to closed back bass, I'm a big fan of well done closed-back bass. I like Fostex cupped bass. I just find Sennheiser bass do not extend enough or go deep enough. You can't say that's accurate.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  7. macbob713
    My thoughts exactly. I hear deep and detailed bass, with balanced mids and highs. I’m using mine with the Sennheiser hdv820 amp with the balanced pentaconn 4 mm connector. My favorite combo I have ever had the pleasure to use. Superb sound!
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  8. 329161
    I don't think they're bass heads at all. The guy on the right owns and loves the 800S and the guy on the left has indicated he likes a touch of warmth (as does Tyll of Innerfidelity).
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  9. Maelob
    Agree, I respect Lahclan's opinions based on all the videos he has posted over the years. Plenty of us here like the warmer sound (including Jude LOL) with some elevated bass. Anyway, i sense some "negative" connotations to the word basshead. I am sure there are different levels of "bassheads" out there and guess what, some of them also like TOTL headphones too. I like my bass too, I have the Sony Z1R and currently enjoying the beautiful sounding Dianas. just saying
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  10. dan.gheorghe
    Personally, I think they compare to any flagship out there. I actually compared HD820 to LCD-4Z, Sony MDR-Z1R, HD800, HD800S, ATH-ADX5000 and the only ones that managed to be in the same ball park was LCD-4Z. Between LCD-4Z (or even LCD-4 from memory) and HD820 it's not an easy decision, as LCD-4z had cleaner, deeper bass and a more relaxed, natural presentation, but still offering really good details. Soundstage wise, HD820 was on par with LCD-4 or maybe even better (have to do more listening to decide). What I liked more about HD820 was that it offered more details, better energy, treble and upper midrange presence and detail, while still having a natural tonality and decent bass in comparison.
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  11. techinblack
    Better grado or sennheiser?
  12. 329161
    Nothing wrong with being a bass head or liking a bit extra, but the connotation I got from the post I quoted was that a "bass head"'s opinion wouldn't be worth as much about a flagship, or that flagships are always "neutral", whatever that is. Ironically Campfire's Cascade flagship is a basshead's dream.
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  13. pietcux
    Yesterday I enjoyed the latest Stanley Clarke album on the Z1R. A bass heads dream. Today I listen to exactly the same album using my AKG K501. First session, where is my bass? Second session, evolving good but still bass shy. Third session ok, my bass is back. Not basshead quality but more than ok. So I am obviously able to eq my listening system in my brain. Am I the only one?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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  14. up late
    disparaging so-called "bassheads" while owning and praising the z1r seems contradictory to me - just sayin' :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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