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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. Audiotic
    In your order: which one was best? Just to be sure I understand correctly.
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  2. pietcux
    I'm on it right now, gimme some time, lol. The Z1R is on my head right now, the HD820 sits still in the shop.
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  3. Ginge
    I'll be really curious to hear the comparisons with the Z1R. There haven't been a lot of those.
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  4. 8bitme
    After a few delays mine have finally arrived! I did a very quick test before and my first impression was very good but I want to burn them in over the night before I give them a more serious listening tomorrow and over the weekend. Very excited to try mixing with them as well!

    Edit: Oh I should add that these cans are absolutely huge in person. I'd suggest looking elsewhere if you want something portable.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  5. pietcux
    I have a huge case which fits the HD800 or the Z1R. Plus the DAP. They are very portable to me. I have this case in my backpack everyday when I go to work. I use cans in the office several hours each workday.
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  6. 8bitme
    I was thinking something to use while on the subway etc.

    Anyway so how was your impressions compared to the Z1R? I've been waiting for a closed back that is good for mixing which I don't think really think is what Z1R is for but interested to hear how they sounded compared to them none the less.
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  7. QueueCumber
    Crickets are chirping in this thread. lol
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  8. pietcux
    So these are my thoughts:
    • The HD820 is a closed version of the HD800S. Those who love the 800 or 800S and need a closed version urgently should buy it.
    • They have a tad more bass than the open versions.
    • The soundstage is smaller than the open versions have.
    • They need a good amp to really shine, the same goes for the open versions.
    • I will not purchase it.
    • My Z1R runs circles around the HD820 regarding bass quantity, maybe not quality.
    • The Z1R has a bigger soundstage than the HD820, kudos to Sony.
    • The Z1R is not for everyone, the HD820 neither.
    • I prefer people to mix with the HD820. The final mixing product matches my Z1R perfectly.
    That's it, all I can say after a 30 minutes listening session under perfect conditions.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2018
  9. 8bitme
    Interesting. Thanks for your impressions. I'm surprised that the soundstage was bigger on the Z1R but overall pretty much the kind of impressions I expected. How much was the difference? :)
  10. 55Powers
    I felt the opposite when i compared the vs each other. YMMV, they weren't far apart.
    820 also had a clearer image and separated better than the Sony to my ears.

    EDIT: I don't own a Z1R, this is a statement based on 3-4 hours of listening to and comparing the 820s to other headphones.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2018
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  11. pietcux
    I own the Z1R and the HD800SD. That is what I base my impressions on. To be clear I think you need to own a can to get used to it. Then you can publish a statement which has some still subjective validity. That goes also for the HD820 in my regards. Owners can tell better for sure.
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  12. 55Powers
    Yeah, not saying that you don't know the Z1R better, just saying that on face value i felt the opposite.
    Can't I publish that?
  13. pietcux
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  14. Mark Up
    Don't be discouraged. You CAN tell with a short term listen if a headphone is right for you, especially if the room isn't too loud and you have good amplification. I've never heard headphones I liked with short term listening, with or without burn in, that I didn't like after all that. I never heard headphones I didn't like with short term listening, that I liked when I had them a lot longer. Maybe others have not had this experience, but clearly you have. There are cases of subtle differences (maybe comparing an HD650 with an HD660 or HD58X) but in the Sony and Sennheiser are vastly different in design & for my ears sound. I'd owned the MDR-Z7 and heard the HD-800 extensively. When I tested both the MDR-Z1R and a HD820, I heard the same differences you did. The Sony's a more fun headphone that has epic bass, and is unusually 3D for a closed can with less resonance issues than the MDR-Z7. The HD820 is really an alternative to those for people wanting a more accurate response; it is far better suited to mixing or mastering. It still has enough fun from the extra bass over an HD-800 to make bass heavy stuff work too. Both are amazing closed cans, it's a matter of preference from there.
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  15. 480126
    What case do you use - Maybe a pic!
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