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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. 8bitme
    Well as an example setting a wide-ing plugin too high on any mix will make the soundstage sound artificial on any pair of headphones.

    Edit: I should add I have very limited experience with the hd800/s myself. This was more of a general reply to that such a thing exists and you can easily try it out yourself by downloading a wide-ing plugin and testing it out in a daw with the headphones of your choice.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
  2. Giraku
    My definition of “artificial” is “not natural”. For studio recordings, the spacings between instruments on HD800/s are a little too distant for me, especially for jazz trio/quartet and some rock bands recordings. And vocals feel a bit too far away. I prefer to be IN the recording session when I listen, not as a spectator sitting in an orchestra seat in a concert hall.
    Obviously, for hall recordings with classical music, the soundstage of HD800/s is accurate most of the time. But to me, even for such recordings, I would like to be within the orchestra/band. So when I said the soundstage feels artificial, it is mainly referring to my personal preference about how I like to feel the recordings not the accuracy of distance between the players and the microphones.
  3. QueueCumber
    Well, it depends on what you prefer. I think in a nutshell, the Utopia sound has more front to back dimensionality with instruments that give more 3D realism to that aspect of music, while the HD820 has more realism with instrument individuation and placement, which consequently allows the room reflections/reverb/echos of the recording space to sound more realistic and to scale. To me the Utopia seems jumbled and confusing in this regard. As I mentioned previously, it’s a bit of a double-bind, “heads you win; tails I lose.” For me, I would rather have that sense of room width right to left and sacrifice some of the front to back depth. Ideally a headphone would excel at both.

    For me the Susvara gets both of these things right, so I’m not sure why I would bother listening to the Utopia with the Susvara in my lineup. I don’t like that the HD820 loses front to back depth, but since it’s closed-back and does so much else right to my ears, it will be my headphone of choice for travel (along with the Hugo2 and Kaiser 10 Encore CIEM) and listening in bed when my GF is sleeping. I could keep all of them, but the Utopias will just sit unused with the Susvaras around, so it doesn’t make sense to keep them.
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  4. Beagle
    Interesting. I wonder what Tyl..oh wait.
  5. Audiotic
    I noticed yesterday that the impact of the earpads on the sound, and then the nasality in particular, is quite large. When I press the headphones a bit onto my head (sideways) so there is no more gap or imperfect fit, the sound improves, the residual nasality is gone. This would actually be quite an improvement. So, are there any other earpads that I can try, one that make a smoother fit?
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  6. 8bitme
    So they are basically made for people with big heads? (which I don't have :triportsad:)
  7. QueueCumber
    That would explain my confusion with the “nasality” comment. I’m not experiencing nasality on vocals.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  8. pietcux
    Do you wear glasses?
  9. Audiotic
    Actually no, I do however have a round head :)
  10. Audiotic
    Well, maybe, but straight square Geman heads, not the babyface round ones like mine :)
  11. Vitaly2017
    Uea thats why hd800s is so easy its open not really affected by the closed factors of hd820
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  12. 8bitme
    Finally got word that mine should arrive Thursday. Exciting times!

    I stumbled on this review here on head-fi where the owner absolutely slaughters them though (in a bad way, comparing them with headphones for less then half the price). I would really like to hear more ppl discussing their impressions of them here soon!

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  13. Audiotic
    Here’s mine: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/sennheiser-hd820.846244/page-117#post-14356021
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  14. QueueCumber
    I don't have those other headphones to compare, but I have to chuckle that someone doesn't like to hear the recording room/venue response/reverberations in their music. Goes to show you, there's a wrench for every nut.
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  15. joseph69
    First time I've ever heard this saying and I like it.
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