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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. smodtactical
    For those that have heard it, how hard does the bass hit on the HD820? Is it anywhere in the neighbourhood of the TH900 mk2?
  2. fqdhlyc
    I'm using Moon Audio's black dragon, I think they're pretty good for the price. Thanks for the advice on pads.
  3. Amberlamps
    I did not ask whether to keep them in or to take them out, I just read it here, not this thread but the 800 thread.

    I Skimmed through alot of posts and just read a handful, in which they say, “keep the protectors in”, initially I did, but thought is this correct ? as it was instant muffle.

    I tried again without the pads inside and they came alive.

    My obscure posts, if by obscure you mean not there, probably, as I didn’t ask a question regarding the dust protectors but, if you mean my posts don’t make sense or are unclear at times, it’s because they were done on purpose to annoy some self appointed internet cop, non head-fi official related who follows me around the forum.

    I know, how lucky am I to have my own head-fi stalker, the best part is, they actually think they are anonymous.
  4. Giraku
    Don't expect any serious bass slam with HD820. TH900 hits much harder.
    That being said, I prefer the bass with HD820 as it is tight, fast, and accurate without bloating and affecting low-mid range. Also the sub bass extension is great. If it has just a little more quantity HD820 would be perfect.
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  5. smodtactical
    How does it compare to the HD800S stock?
  6. Giraku
    HD820 has more bass impact and fuller sounding in comparison with HD800S. Also HD820 has smoother treble, which may lead to slightly less resolving than HD800S.
    My comparison is based on my memory from the time when I owned HD800S and TH900 mk2. I sold them some months ago. So please take my comments as a grain of salt as this is not based on proper A/B comparison.
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  7. 480126
    Dit you bought the HD820?
  8. Giraku
    Yes, I did about a month ago. I like them.
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  9. 480126
    Thanks. I will test it for my ears if I can find a shop in the near of my home!
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  10. Barra
    While the 800 series is not tuned for bass, the drivers can handle Abyss quantity bass with no distortion while maintaining that soundstage that people buy the 800 for. Try downloading the free trial version of Sonarworks Tru-Fi and using the HD800 plugin to get an optimized signature - then boost the bass all the way to +8dB in the personalization section and see what it can do. WOW! What is cool about Sonarworks is that it has an enable/disable button to instantly turn the tuning on and off so you can see what a difference it makes. It is definitely worth the 15 minutes that it takes to set up the program to hear what an 800 can do when properly optimized. A few more tweaks and you are going neck to neck with the Abyss - yes, I have tried it and on very exotic equipment.
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  11. Giraku
    Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, I tried various EQ in the past (including Sonarworks but not with HD820). But I don't like the sound after digital processing. To my ears, there is always some kind of distortion or feeling of something missing. I much prefer bit perfect representation. And that is the reason why I keep buying different Has looking for a perfect FR for my ears.
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  12. Giraku
    Forgot to add "buying various cables". Cables allow me to tweak the FR in a subtle and analogue way without coloring the original recording.
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  13. pietcux
    They are available to listen to in Hifi-Market in Freiburg. Will probably go there tomorrow. www.hifi-market.de
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  14. 8bitme
    Disappointed with the delays here. When I ordered them I was informed it would take 1-3 days. Now it's been a week and they haven't even been sent. I expect better from a company like sennheiser.
  15. 480126
    Thanks for your Information. Waiting for your impressions and comparsion to Sony 1zr
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