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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. Trance_Gott
    I have Atticus and Eikon. Has the HD820 also this very good Isolation and minimal sound leakage what the ZMFs has? I don't think Sennheiser can match the slam and punch of the ZMFs. Then the sound signature must be a lot more bassy then HD800s.
  2. saint.panda Contributor
    HD820 also has minimal sound leakage (I didn't measure it but the person sitting next to me said he couldn't hear the HD820). Isolation is less. With the right source & amp, the HD820 has bass slam all right. But less body overall.
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  3. Giraku
    Fully agreed.
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  4. Trance_Gott
    Then it is not for me and I think too pricey! I don't understand why it cost so much more then the 800s. We will see in a few years if it becomes a classic headphone.
  5. fqdhlyc
    I wonder if HD820 pads or dekoni Fenestrated pads will reduce sound stage of HD800/HD800s. I own both headphone and audited HD820 briefly, I don't think it is as clean as 800 and way overpriced.
  6. raypin
    Mmm...what was the venue? Outside? Bus? Subway? Noisy office? What I mean is...does the 820 offer enough sound isolation that it can be used in noisy environment without turning up the listening volume?
  7. 8bitme
    Anyone else having problems with delays? Mine should've been here by now but I'm yet to hear from sennheiser that they've actually been sent.
  8. Audiotic
    Got mine last week
  9. Amberlamps
    I have the HD800S and the elite sheep dekoni pads.

    When I got the pads, I looked on here with regards to keeping the sennheiser dust protectors in or take them out whilst using the dekonis. Some discussion here said to leave them in when using the dekoni’s, so I left them in and What, the sound was muffled.

    I went back to the stock ones and later decided to try the dekonis again, this time taking the sennheiser dust protectors out, once out it sounded great.

    My advice would be to try it, I like the dekonis now, plus the dekonis have a built in dust protector.

    Much much comfier with the dekoni pads, as for any changes in the sound stage, you have to judge that for yourself but if you try it, dont try it with the sennheiser dust protectors in also as its just one big muffle that way.

    Just grabbed another penon official cable, these dudes are good at making nice cables that rival things that are hundreds of pounds more.

    Really nice cables.
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  10. pietcux
    I mean it is clear that with two layers of dust protection the sound will go downhill. Maybe nobody realized inside of your first somehow obscure postings. I am glad you figured it out in the end.
  11. TYATYA
    I've never touch a dekoni pad yet. With stock pad of hd800s, I find as "veil" sound in compare to the cans itself w/o dust protection cover.
    Seeking for alternative dust cover
  12. Beagle
    That is a positive sign. Some of the best things are not obvious from the get-go. It takes time to realize what you really have and how good it actually is.

    Oh, there I go again, talking myself out of talking myself out of getting the 820 :dt880smile:
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  13. Mark Up
    They appear to get closer to open sound than any non-ported / semi open type "closed" headphone. There is a price for that tech and giving an extra chamber for bass, reducing resonant boom and bloom appears to make it more directional than folks are used to. Still not as open sounding as the open HD800S. I think many were hoping for that, and about the same prices. Consider this, if they made a closed HD800S that sounded as open, with similar frequency response at the same price, why would the even bother to make the HD800S, for those who do enjoy disturbing those around them or only listening alone in quiet rooms? The struggle to get at least close to as open sounding with control of the bass which is of course increased, with those still being closed (not heavily ported or semi-open) requires new tech which is a lot of R&D, trial and error, etc. before it hits the market. I can understand why it's costly and not easy given how hard it is to make closed sound open, they get close. I've heard some of the higher end closed Audio Technica wooden series that try to do that with chambers for the bass and other things. The result was bass rolling off way too early, and a distant sound that was artificially open. These didn't have that problem when I tried them. As far as thin high mids, I find in having more sensitive ears, a mild dip in the high mids to low highs makes them better for longer listens. What we don't hear is reviewers calling them too forward or shouty, overly sibilant and fatiguing after long use. Therein lies the trade off. Some generally like bright, some loathe it. Some have more sensitive ears in that area, some have hearing loss. Can't please em all.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
  14. Audiotic
    Very good response! And mind you, this is a niche niche market, where only those with the needs as described go. These people are more likely willing to shell out the 2400. As it satisfies their needs. And as this is truly high-end we’re talking about, this audience will either just have the cash or are willing to save up. Like me :) I sold my HD 800 and 630VB to get funds, the moment this one was announced, as I knew I wanted to audition it, and with the 30-day refund time, it was relatively low-risk. Anyway, for me it’s a keeper.
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  15. Audiotic
    In this market niche, price is subjective, next to the high investment costs of Sennheiser for a likely small market. These costs will have to be returned, but over a smaller number of headphones. So, it does make sense to me, this is how business works.
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