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Sennheiser HD800SDR early serial #4096 w/ DIY Cardas cable (XLR/TRS interchangeable)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Coolzo, Mar 7, 2019.
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  1. Coolzo
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    *If you're interested and are local, these will be at the Head-Fi meet in Phoenix on Saturday, March 23rd.*

    Exactly as the title says. Reason for sale is simply that it's time to scale back my headphone setup, try something new, allocate funds elsewhere, something like that. Cosmetically decent, functionally excellent. Cable is interchangeable between either 1/4" TRS or 4-pin XLR 'pigtails', by way of a 4-pin mini XLR connection in between. This cable is made of Cardas wire (the blue stuff, no fancy sleeving)- it cost me about $250 in total just for the cable, so you're getting a deal here. Construction of the cable was done by local AZ Head-Fi'er @funch .

    Normal wear is present, notably on the silver paint (which is very common, as the paint they originally used is schiit). They have been well-used, never abused. I will of course wash the ear-side driver cloth and clean the head/ear pads before shipping.

    Don't have pics of the cable right now, but yeah. More on request. Please excuse the dust, as I live in the desert and do not have any canned air at the moment. In addition to the Cardas cable, I will include the stock cable, the original HD800 packaging (inner and outer box), and manuals in various languages (but for some reason there doesn't seem to be an English one?).

    CONUS, prefer west coast, or local (Phoenix, AZ) please. PayPal or cash. Shipping and PayPal fees are on the buyer. Might consider partial trade for a Focal Elex, but that's it. Sorry.
    0305191233.jpg 0305191230b.jpg 0305191230a.jpg 0305191230.jpg 0305191229.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  2. SilverLodestar
    Man... I would’ve gotten these if I didn’t already blow all my money on the Andromeda S.
  3. janieldun
  4. Coolzo

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