Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Oct 23, 2015.
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  1. up late

    i regard headphone measurements as indicative and avoid getting caught up with the technical minutiae. that stuff can do your head in. :wink:
  2. raband
    The main thing that's causing confusion (other than the cable) is that it's a refresh, rather than a new model.
    If they did it as per the 600-650 as a new model then there'd be a fair bit less mud, would be a lot clearer.
    The fact that it's a minor update makes me hopeful that the price is actually going to surprise us.
    They won't have needed to re-tool
    They won't have needed to redesign - truth be told, it's probably just a labour of love from a couple of the engineers that knew the HD800 could/should have been better than it was and worked on it in their spare time after spending time with it and after listening to the communities. They ended up making the HD800 they loved and took it to management.
    Management said yep - sales are slowing, we'll turn 2 of the 3 production lines over to your mod, keep selling the original on the other line. We still need to keep selling the original for another 3 years because of contractual agreements
    Lawyers kicked up and said "We can't sell a new/same product in competition to the one we signed off on"
    Marketing said "Lets differentiate it - lets add a cable"
    Lawyers said "Yep - It's now a different product - doesn't cross product lines"
    Sven signed off on it.
  3. prot
    That's why the best time to buy a HP is after mk2 is released :). It's however quite hard to ignore the new shinny model .. and in the case of hd800, waiting 6+ years is just unrealistic.
    Works quite well though if you like hifimans. Cars also get updated almost every year, that should be easy.
  4. rawrster
    I bought a HD800 recently and don't feel slighted one bit. Most people do not buy the HD800 at MSRP. I could easily get a new HD800 at $1100 or so with warranty from a dealer or under 1k used in very good condition and the HD800 is one of the rare headphones where USA is more expensive than Europe. I'm not sure what the prices in other areas are like. There also isn't much on how much of an improvement over the HD800 this new headphone will be if any. Jude did mention in another thread that while it may be an improvement it may not be for others so it's a wait and see for me. Not everyone wants the newest model. 
  5. knowhatimean

    Yrah ,I know this is a few pages old , but I missed it !

    I can't speak for the HD650 , but for the HD800 that "On Stage" perspective I can't really agree that it get even that correctly depending on how dynamically dense the Orchestation of the piece is. .

    The HD800 voicing plays havoc with musical transients due to it's frequency contouring to make sure you're constantly hearing the "big picture". Headphone "Voicing" is taking upon itself to "Re-Orchestrate" what a Composer thought worked dynamic best for his composition.

    While headphone voicing may be something that works well for some genres of music , it has the potential to trivialize some of the sound elements important to others ! While Senn isn't the only headphone maker who voices their cans for the benefit of the "Greater Masses" you would hope they would occasionally recognize that
    they already have a new version of the HD800 by simply offering a driver only version of the HD800

    They could call it the HD800ea (enhanced acoustics) version
  6. shabta
    Sennheiser Headphones, even the mid-fi ones last 15-20 years. We have seen all kinds of production issues with some of the newer headphone companies on headphones that cost over a grand! To make headphones that sound so good and last so long they do years of R&D. They have to source materials that they know they can support for many, many years. It is a sadly old fashioned philosophy.
    It is interesting that so many people are slamming the honesty of Sennheiser when they say it is only a small improvement. It is already one of the best sounding cans on the planet, in some dimensions, the best.... Honesty should be celebrated not dismissed. Most of the differences that people rave about with DACs are not so big, in some cases quite small. yet if you read the forums people go on and on as if there are huge differences.
  7. jfoxvol

    Well said
  8. BobFiggins
    Got mine from Meier Audio for $1160 brand new with warranty. Dealing with Jan was a great experience! The only difficult part was waiting for two weeks while it shipped overseas!
  9. Dadracer
  10. raband
    Can buy one in Australia now - brand new for $975 US dollars ($1350 AU sale advertised)
    That's what's got me confused - our dollar has tanked, Senns were always RRP - never on sale, never discounted.
    When we were at parity that would have been under $800 US dollars if bought now.
    Same with the HDVD and HDVA's - we have them at prices the same as the US, but in $AU instead of $US
  11. TMRaven
    When Axel says the HD800S is only a little bit better, he's actually saying the 800S is '2000 dollars better' than the previous flagship.
  12. raband
    I think it's their way of fixing their flagship, without admitting there was a problem to begin with.
    Am not tipping a price rise - same price, but with a cable. Existing one drops in price - to just above what it would cost if you bought it with a cable separately.
  13. TsukiNick
    I find the name of the headphone pretty annoying.  I'll have to say I have a Sennheiser HD800, instead of the sometimes used I own a pair of HD800s.  Even doing a google search for HD800S is a little elusive.

    Yeah did anyone actually buy their HD800 at MSRP?  Hell I bought mine with an employee discount for ~$1000 USD (Not a huge discount by any means compared to what you can get them for from a lot of sellers but still good)
  14. SONYES

    It is true that clean the wax in a while.
    but .Of course a certain layer should be her but not specifically thick which directly impacts the hearing. I clean every few months depending on what I feel
    - if my hearing is different and not acceptable in my stereo range different light frequencies - hear the right channel louder the left or the other way - and do not hear well the high or low. then going to a specialist and performs suction of excess material. - A few years ago I suffered severely unbalanced plays mostly on my left, but I solved the problem and since I enjoy better sound - the result of it i sold DENON 7000. And today I am so happy with the old and new HD800 My accordance Music

    My age is close to 55 .
    and every year I perform hearing tests.
    And to date relative to my age, I hear and . I have a better hearing than the 20-30-year-old hearing test
  15. donthuang
    I don't think what's senns done in HD800s more than beyer done in T1 gen2.
    But you know, the King always have more favor.
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