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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Whazzzup
    My gear is 2-6 years so I’d expect 12 years easy out of mine. Granted one never knows the future but churning in this hobby ain’t for me. When you find what you like and you keep going wow, why bother.... but that’s just me no reflection on others
  2. wormcycle
    That's exmplary: 5 mins of listening, 1 track, three cans between $1k and $2k, and we know all about them. I am sure I have seen more useless posts here but not recently
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  3. dmdm
  4. silversurfer616
    Going from SR009S to HD800S takes at least 30 minutes for my hearing to adjust and it is even more difficult with darker headphones like LCD3 etc.
    But we are all different, I guess.
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  5. Liu Junyuan
    I need days to adjust--if not weeks/months/years to get to know gear. That's why I initially said any statement I make about the HD800S is not definitively valid. I hated the HD650 off and on, wavering between disappointment and delight, for years before I learned what they were capable of and what their role was in a headphone collection.

    Some very experienced/gifted listeners can judge a piece of gear within minutes. But I have found that those impressions are not very helpful for those who actually want to settle down and live with the gear for awhile, because what is initially impressive may be fatiguing in the long run and what may sound boring at first (like my HD650) may slide its way into the subconscious that it is very pleasant. One-night stand versus marriage.

    Some people hardly have time to listen so crave something explosive and exciting; but this may be fatiguing for regular daily listeners. So it is important to keep your listening habits in mind when reading even the most persuasive impressions. I seek gear that will be able to sustain long-term listening. The Utopia just almost violates that principle but doesn't quite cross the line. The HD800S strikes me as a long term partner.

    Happy listening to HD800S. :o2smile:
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  6. KyungMin
    well someone did ask about them on the last page. And that’s why I just posted a short impression.. and I forget the part I said I listened for only 5 mins. I said a quick listen but I didn’t mention I listened to the track about 3 times on each set to get a better feel on how the t1 would sound about 25 minutes or so. I’ll do a better comparison when I get the time on different tracks as well as if they might sound different on tidal MQA (yes I have a MQA dac) vs qobuz hi-res. People have asked which set I prefer but haven’t really had the time really sit down and really listen. Thanks for taking the time to read and cool story bro! :wink:

    Honestly between the K812 and the HD800S they sounded very similar. It could be what you're saying maybe my hearing isn't adjusting quick enough to another set of cans, but the t1 has slightly recessed mids compared to the other two so on a blind test it would've been fairly easy to tell the difference and the bass would give it away. but the senns and the AKGs sound so much alike on certain parts of the song.

    Honestly I was happy with just the K812 and my army of mid fi cans but what really bugged me was why most people preferred HD800S over the K812 so i decided to just get a pair since I already had a an amp I've heard pairs well with them. I got the t1 because they were like half the price of the other two and my main cans before the K812 were the K712, HD6XX and DT990.. honesty out of those three the DT990 had the most head time until earlier this year I started giving the HD6XX more head time.. I've come to really enjoy the HD6XX to me it's been great for almost any genre.
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  7. thomaskong78

    This is an amazing value at 50$.

    I had been happy to drive HD 800S with Chord Dave Dac direct.

    Sound & Vision – 21 Jun 16[​IMG]
    Tube Amps for Pocket Change Nobsound NS-08E
    Nobsound NS-08E Performance Features Ergonomics

    I happened to come across above review.

    Upon relying Amazon return policy, i pulled the trigger for it.

    I did not expect any improvement by the amp.

    It there is no significant deterioration vs direct Dave connection, it would have been nice.

    On the contrary to my lower expectation, it made sound more exciting without harsh edge added.


    This is one of my favorite Jazz recording that I had enjoyed since 1989.

    This CD sounds more natural with this amp than through Dave direct.

    Transparency got reduced by tiny bit but to tolerable extent.

    It will work wonder for less Dac than Dave.

    I am also going to do tube rolling with some Nos tubes.

    RTC 5654 RT
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  8. i20bot
    Yup, like your post here. All he was doing was giving some comparisons between the three because others asked. You don't need to get used to their signature to tell there's differences. He wasn't giving his review and explaining all the details and such of each headphone. Feels like you're a little chapped because he wasn't more favorable to the headphone of the thread.
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  9. thomaskong78
    After replacing stock tube with RTC 5654 RT,

    RTC 5654 RT | eBay

    This amp sound more organic and pure with natural resonance.

    Stock tube is already pretty good.

    Thus it is not day and night difference.

    But 15$ NOS tubes made worthwhile improvement.
  10. dmdm
    Hey guys, I'm looking at an amp that would pair well with the 800 and S for about 1k CAD. What do you all think of the darkvoice as a tube possibility?
  11. dmdm
    I would get this but I don't like the input connection.
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I owned and loved the La Figaro 339 with the 800S. I actually have a friend here in Ottawa who purchased the La Figaro 339 as well for use with the 800S.
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  13. dmdm
    Cool what's the price?
  14. Sp12er3
    ah Ze Germans~ AKG and Beyer sure are taking their time on making a successor to their "flagship"

    Nobsound eh? I've had one of their amp, it's a hybrid of which the tube is only acting as the pre-amp for an included solid state in the circuitry. it dings when you tap the amp and are pretty noisy... sure as heck its not really something anyone would want to play around with for long, even as a starter budget tube amp. there's better way if anyone want to start playing around with tubes, especially with Dave starting off their chain...
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  15. TYATYA
    I have 336. It is a power monster but sq is so so.
    I use tungsol5998 and rca5992 tubes.
    A fuller and thicker sound than hdv800 amp but less resolution.
    Bass texture is far to reach hdv800
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