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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Whazzzup
    Dhc prion 4 did it for me cable wise
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  2. dmdm
    After spending over 10k on cables for my 2 channel rig and having little to no effect on resolution, I'm sticking with the S stock cable as well. It sounds fantastic and it's very well made.

    Oh, btw, the cables look really pretty though.
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  3. Nik74
    But... it's ... more expensive than the 800S itself !! I m only gasping because of how unaffordable this is to me by the way, no covert criticism here.

    I d quite like to experiment with cables too but wondering whether checking for a capacitor upgrade or other service to my Luxman would be a better way to burn ££. I have not made any further upgrades or fiddled with my system since switching to this amp as I m so happy with the 800S right now, hard to find any faults. But the mind of course often wonders what if this and what if that :)
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  4. Liu Junyuan
    If you are happy with your setup, then no need to search for "upgrades." Also, cables are often the last thing to consider in an audio chain, if at all. Things like amp/DAC/source take priority, at least in my opinion. Others may differ, and that's fine. I'm not sure how much the cap upgrade would impact your amp. How much would that cost?

    Also, I should point out, DHC Prion 4 is sort of jumping to the top end of the price spectrum--plenty of well-built cables below that. I have had positive experience with Norne--Trevor strikes a nice balance between price and quality; and his craftsmanship has been impeccable. Of course, I'd guess the Prion 4 is amazing.

    Happy listening.
  5. Nik74
    The answer to this is, I do not know. I have upgrded caps before on another valve amp and there was audible improvement sonically. This time I ll be recapping because the Luxman is 12 years old and I bought it second hand, it has been doing it's job flawlessly so far, I m just thinking that it is common sense to have it checked up and given some professional tlc to make sure it stays healthy for years to come. I feel that the 800S with this pairing is a definite keeper.
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  6. Liu Junyuan
    12 years? It is rare to see people keep gear that long.

    I am enjoying the H800S. I rolled in a more "neutral" sounding driver tube that brings more life to the headphone. I am happy to say I have not felt fatigue from these. I really was expecting some. I have to be less careful with genre/track/spl than I do with Utopia or, from memory, the original HD800. Despite this, there is still plenty of detail and resolution. My only desire would be if it had tighter, more well-defined bass that was present in the H800; but this is a commonplace criticism at this point. Not being fatigued is more important to me.

    I would love to hear these on a TOTL solid state or SET amp.
  7. thomaskong78
    I drive 800S with Dave and Mscaler directly without any amp.

    I never felt it bright or harsh without any eq.
  8. Liu Junyuan
    I wouldn't expect it to be. The original HD800--maybe, depends on person; for me, at least physical mods.
  9. KyungMin

    So now I can have a three way... comparison...
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  10. Liu Junyuan
    Is that the K782 and the black T1.2? I'm interested in a HD800S/T1.2 comparison.
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  11. KyungMin
  12. Liu Junyuan
    You have it above the others. Does that mean you prefer it?

    What about T1/HD800S comparison? :L3000:
  13. KyungMin
    I just got the T1 today like a few hours ago so i havent listened to them yet. Im gonna try to make room so it has its own space.. I'll get to a comparison soon
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  14. KyungMin
    Streaming on Tidal hifi
    FiiO K5/E17
    Darkvoice 336SE sylvania 6SN7GT/Svetlana 6AS7G

    Oddly enough I can play these three on the same gain (10 o'clock) on the darkvoice and still have comfortable listening levels despite the impedance differences AKG - 36, Senn - 300, Beyer - 600

    Fourplay - Max o Man

    fuller bass
    More contrast or than the other two (maybe since the bass and treble seems more upfront)
    Piano sounds recessed when the guitar plays simultaneously
    mids seem slightly recessed
    the cymbals really shine on these cans (literally)
    Amazing instrument separation (other two have a slight edge)
    If you focus on the guitar alone it really shines

    Instrument separation is amazing
    Slightly better soundstage than the t1
    Percussion sounds more natural

    Instrument seperation is amazing
    The guitar, bass and piano sound amazing simultaneously
    Bass guitar sounds more natural
    slightly better soundstage than t1

    from a quick listen from all three this was what I heard...
    @ the 1:49 mark all the instruments kind of jam altogether this part sounded best on the K812
    The T1 plays the guitar beautifully.
    HD800S percussion sounds more natural
    Honestly with a quick listen it seems the other two cans seem to have better instrument separation or maybe it just seemed that way because the mids seem slightly recessed compared to the HD800S and the K812.
    I wasn't really doing any critical listening. just really enjoying some jams and max o man is always one of my go to songs for open cans.
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  15. Nik74
    Maybe I wasn't clear, the amplifier is 12 years old but it has been in my ownership 9 months :)
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