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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. kumar402
    I put my HD800s for sale but due to some work had to go out of station.
    After coming back, I got ECP DSHA -3f amp and thought to pair 800s for one last time and now I'm going to remove my ad.
    Just Wow....what great separation + Width and Imaging
    Even at very low volume its crystal clear, each instrument in the mix can be heard clearly.
    They do change with upstream gear.
  2. K-Lawn
    I actually messaged you about them but I don’t blame you for keeping them. Ended up getting a pair and am absolutely blown away.
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  3. thomaskong78
    I received new HD 800S headphone yesterday.

    Without any break-in, it did not show any hard edge.

    Some IEM like Hifiman need more than 100 hours of break in before harsh treble is gone.

    But after playing it for few hours, it seems to show more details and bass resonance.

    From the review, I had expected HD 800S to sound bright and be prepared to apply equalization using Lyngdorf 2170 presets.

    But driven by Chord Dave and Mscaler, it sounds neutral without any equalization.

    I had played Chesky Jazz Sampler and Test disc to test soundstage width and depth.

    It shows very sharp and precise focus but falls short of my 2 channel system in soundstage width and depth.

    But placement of instrument is more precise with HD 800S than my 2 channel system of Lanshe 4.1 driven by Line Magnetic 508SET.

    When I play "Surround Sound Demonstration CD" by Telarc, HD 800S gave very exciting presentation with fast and tight bass and precise focus without any hard edge.

    I have two headphones and one IEM to compare with HD 800S.

    The first one is 1MORE Triple-Driver Over-Ear Headphones sold by Drop at 130$.

    This is light, pretty efficient and excellent value at 130$.

    But compared with HD 800S, 1MORE Triple gave loose bass, less details and not precise focus.

    1MORE Triple is no match at all with HD 800S.

    The next one is Empire Zeus IEM sold by Drop(1k$ and 14 drivers in it).

    Zeus IEM gave more sparkle with nice details.

    But without equalization of 3db down at 6khz, Zeus sounds too bright overall while HD 800S sounds neutral without any eq..

    Nice thing of Zeus IEM is very high efficiency to be driven by regular cell phone like Galaxy Note4.

    Thus I will be happy to carry Zeus IEM out of town.

    The placement of each instrument is slightly more precise with HD800s.

    I will prefer playing HD800S to Zeus IEM at home.

    The last one to compare is Stax 009S driven by KGSSV Carbon amplifier.

    HD 800S gave wider and deeper soundstage than Stax 009S with more precise focus.

    But Stax 009S give more musical sound with nuanced details, nice decay , more bass slam and texture.

    HD800S give very tight and fast bass but not matching the authority of Stax 009s.

    It bass sound like one note without texture.

    The conclusion is that it is fun to listen to HD800S driven by Chord Dave and Mscaler with sharp focus, wide and deep soundstage and tight and fast bass.

    But HD800S falls short of either Stax 009s or my 2 channel system in musicality.

    I will keep HD800S for at least one year to enjoy its precise imaging.

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  4. thomaskong78
    I am listening to opera "Aida" now.

    The placement of each singer and instrument is so precise that it sounds more live than my 2 channel system.
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  5. silversurfer616
    Also have the SR009S and HD800S and I prefer the former as the clarity is outstanding, I even would say the soundstage is wider on the SR009S( which isn’t necessarily always a good thing esp.with rock etc).
  6. thomaskong78
    It is true that 800s has more clarity than Stax 009s.

    On the other hand Stax 009s give more nuanced details and textured bass.

    It will depend on amplifier, Dac. music genre and personal taste to favor one of it.

    I found that 800S is very good to listen to opera.
  7. silversurfer616
    Sorry, misunderstanding...the former in this case is SR009S which has outstanding clarity for me. HD800S sounds thick in comparison...to my ears.
  8. Hifiearspeakers
    I love my 800S, but I would never describe it as thick sounding, as it is very close to neutral. That makes me think the SR009S must sound thin and bright.
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  9. thomaskong78
    I will say 800S neutral sounding good for monitoring sound and 009S as euphonic good for enjoying the music.
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  10. silversurfer616
    I love the HD800S but switching directly to SR009S is quite shocking in terms of resolution/clarity.
    SR009S are definitely not thin sounding...it is more a floating crystal clear sound popping up out of a stunningly black background.
    Only the old HE6 came close to this.
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  11. cor0086
    I recently bought a pair from Sennheiser outlet aka blinq. I noticed the cables look different than in most the unboxing and for sale pictures I’ve seen. Can you guys/girls help me out and confirm if something is fishy? The 6.3mm connection is all black on the end with NO Sennheiser label on it. I emailed Sennheiser and got a generic reply saying I bought from authorized dealer blah blah blah. The xlr is 4 pin.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019
  12. G0rt
    Looks just like mine.
  13. jawks
    I recently bought a new HD800S from an authorized dealer, who received it direct from Germany. I have the same single-ended cable. Instead of the 4 pin XLR, I have the smaller 4.4 mm balanced cable. From what I've read, this is now "standard" with the current HD800S models.
  14. cor0086
  15. thomaskong78
    Me too

    I got new one this Monday.
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