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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. dmdm
    I have used them together and they sounded grand.
  2. vlach
    IEMs is a great suggestion for something totally different. I am very pleased with the Campfire Vega.
    As far as a complementaty headphone i think planars are great. For example my HE-500 offers more body, sounds more natural is smoother and somewhat moist in comparison to the HD800 which is leaner and dryer.
    For classical music, the HD800 is hard to beat though. I dont view the HD800 as an all rounder, it is more of a 'specialty' headphone (for me) and when i pull them out of the storage box it is indeed an event!
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  3. jawks
    Yes, I was thinking along the lines of either 1) planar, 2) closed back, or 3) IEM, or some combination of the three, if financially feasible. I love the HD800S for classical and jazz. I have not heard the HE-500s, only the HE1000 v2 and the Ananda. I started looking into the Campfire IEMs but at first glance there are so many models it's hard to tell the difference. This probably requires some more research! How did you pick the Vega?
  4. Whazzzup
    Th900 then mod the crap out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Quinto
    The HD800S made me concentrate on music listening again (and upgrade my main speakers ;D)
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  6. exdmd
    I don't listen to classical at all. Classic rock, country, alt country and jazz. I also look for good Grateful Dead and well recorded live concerts. I think the HD800S work fine across genres. I can't stand closed back or heavy phones, and really put a premium on a spacious soundstage. I used to boost the bass with my Loki if necessary for some tracks, since I replaced the driver tube on my Kenzie I was able to put the Loki away.
  7. vlach
    I never shopped around or compared IEM's to end up with the Vega...it turns out a good friend of mine who works in the industry just presented them to me as a gift. I never even heard of the brand at that point.
    As a result i can't even offer any baseline comparisons. But i am head over heels in love with them!
  8. LarryMagoo
    Just a note to say how much I enjoy my PowerBeat Pros....I never knew how much I would enjoy completely wireless IEMs. They are more comfortable than CIEMs I have. I thought they might like sound like ass . you know...yesterdays cassettes @1 3/8's ips . no bottom end and way rolled-off highs....but these little burgers sound great...great sound stage (Ok...they don't sound like 800S) and imaging/three distinct channels.....I use them to walk the dog, clean my truck and doing yard work...and they never come out of my ears...they stay put...who knew??
  9. jawks
    Wow, that was a very generous friend! How does the Vega compare to the Andromeda? That seems to one a commonly recommended Campfire model!
  10. jawks
    Wireless IEMs - yes, that seems like a very appealing proposition. I'm not sure I'm ready yet for wireless (I haven't become one of those many pedestrians with the white teardrops hanging from the ears), but I can certainly see the convenience. Seems like more hi-end companies are moving this direction.
  11. vlach
    Yeah, she even threw in the ALO CDM & AK120ii player!
    Like i said, i don't have a baseline to compare, these are the only IEMs i have and didn't compare them to other products.
  12. dmdm
    What do you all think of the Anandas?
  13. TYATYA
    Ibasso SR1.
    As an user of 800s, you should eyes on SR1.
    The same though of resolution as like when you pick up 800s and put 650 down. Because SR1 has not resution and speed of 800s, but it has difference flavor.
    SR1 is crazy cans at its price and easily tweak it to another flavor by pad and/or cable rolling.
    SR1 on pure silver cable and PT1 pad(also ibasso) approach 800s on detail and speed but maintain a difference flavor of bass, and sound imaging.
    Ah, digging cable for 800s is also fun and gainable
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  14. dmdm
    I was thinking of buying the audeze LCD x or the ananda . Do you all like either of them? Would you recommend them? Thanks.
  15. gordec
    Is there new version of the HD800s that comes with 4.4 and new yolk design. I can't seem to find any info on that
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