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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Arniesb
    trowing on a hard desk all the time like ive seen ton of users do.
    Personally i either put in on a mousepad or stand.
  2. urbanhorse
    I bought my pair used and it has a tiny, tiny paint chip on the inner bit of the cup. So I assume yes.
  3. jawks
    Hi - I'm new to this thread but thought I'd post since I just bought a pair of HD800S a week ago. I had the chance to audition them and compare them with the likes of the Utopia, Clear, HE1000 v2, Ananda, and Aeon Flow Open at a local shop, and that experience sealed the deal for me. I was stunned by the openness, transparency, detail, and musicality of these headphones. Unfortunately, my time with them (using an iFi iDSD Pro) has been relatively limited due to work obligations, but that time so far has been amazing. Just waiting for my Violectric amp to arrive!
  4. vlach
    Was there a close second? What did you think of the HEK V2 in comparison?
  5. Audiofiend1
    When picking up my 800S i accidentally pressed on the silver mesh surrounding the driver and it actually lets you press it in to make a dent with your finger. It didn't break or do any damage but you can clearly press the mesh in with your finger to make an indentation. I'm surprised the construction is like that. Kinda flimsy and annoying i think...
  6. Ichos
    I think that the silver mess is part of the headphone system put there on purpose and not for aesthetics.
  7. Audiofiend1
    I get that, just a scary feeling when it flexes in if you push on it.
  8. Ichos
    Yes scary it happened to me but thankfully it stretches back without leaving any signs.
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  9. jawks
    Given the limited amount of time I had (2 hours), I wasn’t able to give all of the headphones their fair share but gathered enough impressions early on to know which ones I wanted to spend more time with. Price wise I was pretty certain that I was not going to get the Utopia or HE1000 v2. However, I found the HE1000 v2 just a bit too thin sounding for my tastes (powered by a Simaudio 430HAD) and not as involving. The Utopia was more dynamic but didn’t have the same sense of transparency and soundstaging that I got out of the Hd800S. Also, I could feel a pinch at the top of my head from the headband, a complaint that I later read in a number of other reviews. I spent more time with the Clear, which I liked a lot and initially thought I was going to buy, but the HD800S just gave me a greater sense of realism, which translated into more musicality for me. I listen mostly to classical and jazz, which also plays a big role here. Maybe the HD800S would be less ideal for rock or electronica, but others might think differently. The Aeon flow open was not as detailed and had a warmer signature; also, I found that the sound changed a bit depending on how the headphones sat over my ears. I was pleasantly surprised by the Ananda, but it just wasn’t in the same league as the HD800S.

    Had I more time, I probably would’ve done more comparisons with the He1000 and Utopia, but I had to finish before closing time! Nonetheless, I’m very happy with my choice of the HD800S!
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  10. jawks
    For those of you who own the HD800 or HD800S, how many of you have "complementary" headphones? It's hard for me to imagine a "better" set of headphones for my own taste, but I imagine that some people occasionally want a different tuning depending on the type of music they are listening to. Or perhaps you have a go-to pair of closed headphones when it's not possible to listen to the HD800S? I'd be interested in hearing what your thoughts are on this.
  11. Arniesb
    i had 650 and i think its excelent for mellow music, some old pop. I think someone with HD800S gonna need something more intimate for vocal centric music, or older music in general.
    Fun cans with big bass would be next headphones i would consider for action movies and single player fps or bassy music.
    Th900 or maybe Dt1990/1770 pro. that would be my choice and ps. U can change Hd650 for a LCD2 fazor too.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  12. jawks
    Thanks for the reply! I actually already have the HD650 (the HD800S was my upgrade from the HD650). I like the idea of "fun cans with big bass" (although I don't listen to a lot of music that demands heavy bass) - maybe a closed can like the Aeon Flow Closed, Campfire Cascade, or ZMF Eikon/Atticus?
  13. exdmd
    I had a pair of Focal Elears but sold them. If I want a change from my HD800S or the neighbours are noisy I just switch to my CIEMs.
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  14. jawks
    Ah yes, IEMs. That makes me lament the Shure 535's I lost on an airplane (somehow slipped out of my bag). I've been hesitant to invest in another pair of quality IEMs since then! Which CIEMs do you have?
  15. exdmd
    Perfect Seal Decas.
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