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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Rob80b
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  2. Amberlamps
    I got mine from Amazon UK, they come in a clear plastic bag and come with a misodiko velcro cable tie.

    The leather is nice n thick and very comfy.
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  3. Amberlamps
    In my opinion,the dekoni's add more bass and cut down on some of the higher freq's, I haven't worn them for a while and I can't exactly remember, but added bass and not as wide of a soundstage compared to the stock sennheiser pads or the misodiko's.

    I like changing back n forth between pads, mixes things up a bit.
  4. exdmd
    @Rob80b do your ears get hot during extended listening sessions with the misodiko leather pads? One reason I have not replaced my stock HD800S pads is because they breathe.

    The downside of the microfiber fabric stock pads is they get fairly dirty after a year so it is about time for me to either buy a replacement set of stock pads or the leather so I would value your opinion. I often wear my HD800S for 6-8 hours at a time and comfort is very important to me.

    After living with the HD800S I could never buy a headphone that weighs over 450 grams. I consider my HD800S an end game headphone as I built my system around them. The only phone on the market I would consider buying to complement or replace the HD800S are the 425 gram RAAL-requisite SR1a. Not cheap at $3499 and the minimum speaker amp required to drive them is a $699 Schiit Vidar (based on several reviews.)
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  5. Amberlamps
    Replace your stock pads with the misodiko's. You will thank me later.

    Ninja edit.

    Remember people, misodiko also sell fabric pads for the hd headphone series, don't buy them by mistake.

    The ones you want are the lambskin ones which are priced at $/£35, the fabric ones are priced at 20 or 25£$.
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  6. Rob80b
    I never listen quite that long, maybe an hour or 2 sometimes 3, but so far so good..as we're all different best to try a pair, in this hobby no harm in having an alternative pair around, personally I don't believe I'll be returning to the stock pads.
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  7. x7007
    someone said it reduces the Soundstage. I don't want that. I think in Amazon review
  8. 111MilesToGo
  9. exdmd
    Narrowing the soundstage is a no go for me. I'll just replace the stock pads.
  10. S Crowther
    I like the idea. For me the soundstage is unnaturally large.
  11. gefski
    For me, the soundstage size and shape is incredibly natural. Nick Drake's 'Pink Moon' is only a yard away and as wide as my desk. Opus 7 (choral) is huge and deep, as correct as I've heard it on cans, (but still not as huge as when I heard them in the cathedral). Jazz trios and quartets sound like a great seats in a moderate size venue. R. L. Burnside's 'Burnside on Burnside' has beer hall ambience and is properly edgy and in my face.
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  12. AutumnCrown
    I recently got a new HD800 S on warranty and I noticed the frequency response seems a bit different than others I have seen. Specifically the 1.5-3 khz region seems less dipped. In the new and old manual, their target responses are unchanged. Anyone else have a recent example to compare, since the pentacon cable change?

  13. exdmd
    Yes we buy HD800S for their imaging and soundstage. Any after market earpads which compromise sound quality are not for me. Sennheiser tuned the HD800S with the stock pads. I am open to trying aftermarket pads but only if they do not compromise the soundstage.
  14. vlach
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  15. S Crowther
    I bought them as they were recommended for classical music. I was disappointed that everything sounds as if it was recorded at the back of a cave or the Albert Hall.
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