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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. metsat
    Sorry, buddy...I haven’t tested the HD800S with the DAP’s you’ve mentioned. But I have tested HD650 300Ohm headphone with AK300 and KANN DAP’s and it sounded pretty good to my ears.
  2. ZappaMan
    I’m just a bit worried about your friend .... why is he selling his? Cos he wants a better pair and he’s going to use u as a piggy bank!
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  3. ZappaMan
    Did he actually use the term “friend price”?
  4. Svatopluk
    Focal raised the bar shortly after the release of the HD800S, I'm sure Sennheiser is working on something. Maybe the realism of the Utopia, combined with the soundstage, utility and reliability of the HD800S.
  5. Tsukuyomi
    we've been friends for years, so he said he doesnt mind selling it a bit less than normal used prices because he knows i'll appreciate it and put it to good use. hes bought headphones off me also (my old TH900 mk2).
    he wants to get the newer HD820. personally thats too expensive for me xD
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  6. Amberlamps
    For a pair of closed headphones, the price is nuts.
  7. Phronesis
    The prices at the top end reflect more what the market will bear, rather than necessarily the cost of producing the headphones or a cost based on value. I'd guess that enough people will buy the HD820 to have made it worthwhile for Sennheiser to develop it.
  8. Amberlamps
    I totally agree, when it comes to headphones nowadays, the higher the price, the quicker they will sell.

    Personally, no way would I pay 2 grand for a pair of closed can’s, but thats just me, however, I do hope that whoever buys them, enjoys them.
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  9. Luke Thomas
    Do we think the Clears are a better purchase than the 800s
  10. ZappaMan
    Are people paying 1399 for Hd800s?
    I see that’s the price online?
  11. rick3333
    A reasonable price for a used pair of HD800S would be around £700 for me (roughly $900)..... at this price point i would expect to see signs of use / minor blemishes etc... if they were mint then no more than £800.... again this is what i am prepared to pay and other peoples pricing may well differ. I do want to treat myself to a pair of HD800S but no way am i paying £1399 for them. Earlier this year they were being sold on fleabay for £1050 new sealed but i did not have the funds to purchase a pair at that time. My current headphones (AKG K812) were 50% + off RRP otherwise i would not have bought them.
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  12. ZappaMan
    i suppose if you pay an amount more you may get a better guarantee, some uk retailers offer a 10 year warranty which is nice, and worth a few bob.
    I dont see anyone selling hd800s for £700 though, so i think they hold their value a little better.
    I was offered £800 as part of a trade in against another headphone.
    2 sets on the flea at the moment, pre-owned for 900 and 999.
  13. Amberlamps
  14. Phronesis
    I find that both are really excellent, but best to listen yourself if possible.
  15. Svatopluk
    No experience with Clear, just Utopia and the HD800S. Due to the price difference and the Utopia's questionable reliability record, I'd say the HD800S would be the better purchase. Just my opinion.
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