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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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    I plug hd800s into samsung note8.
    I try 1st time and find out that those sample are not masterpiece quality.
    And, all of them is not familiar to me. That make difficult to point out what is what.
    Example some sample when I select what I think/hear less distortion, it is 128 sample. Wav sample is more distort, but it is result.
    So, I test again with my "adjustment" : that sample, for choose correct uncompress, I will base on more distort.
    Below pic is the sample had wrong result 1st. But then 10 times later I choose correct sample quickly what is 128, 320 and uncomp in order. Screenshot_20181111-140811_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Very first second 128kbps left a longer tail. So 320 and uncomp remain. 4second later, uncomp has more depth on piano than 320.
    (I was thought this tail as "more detail", as a "content" of instrument bcs I never heard)

    I think that is some reason for case someone can feel the difference but can not point out what is what.
  2. HK_Xclio
    Hello. I am going to buy a new pair of headphones, and i have been looking at the HD800S or the LCD2C. And my questions are simple, are the DB levels on the HD800s sufficient? I do like to pump up the volume sometimes, for that perfect song. And i love bass. Will they kneel and sound like someone is farting in my ears? I listen to basicly any kind of music, but i got Dance/House and electronic as my main.
  3. Mrstump5
    If you're looking for bassy headphones look away from these. The bass sounds good. But it doesnt hit hard at all. They are analytical headphones not really fun or musical. I love them but for what you want they arent going to fulfill
  4. HK_Xclio
    Just as i tought :frowning2:
  5. Mrstump5
    If i were you id look into the new zmf aeolus or if you dont mind closed back. Pick up zmf Atticus or eikon
  6. billerb1
  7. HK_Xclio
    Thanks for the suggestions, but wood is out of the picture. btw, are you running your HD800S balanced?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
    Go and take SR1 of ibasso.
    It may suit for you!
  9. HK_Xclio
    ill take a look, ty.. But, lets compare bass. has anyone of you heard Sony Mdr-z7? I like the bass in those, but i dont like the soundstage. Are the Hd800s even comparable to those, when it comes to bass.
  10. Phronesis
    Got my HD800S today, and am now listening to them for the first time. My initial impression is that they're world class, A+. More to follow after I've spent more time with them and compared with other headphones.
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  11. named name
    No the bass quantity of the Sony Z7 is substantially greater than that of the HD800S (personally I find it’s bass rather bloated). However the quality of bass (from a technical point of view, (texture, response and articulation) is much better from the HD800S. Honestly I don’t think that the HD800S is the right headphone for your based on your preferences described.
  12. NoMythsAudio
    Like the responses you got so far, HD800S is not what you’re looking for.
    Fact that you like Sony Mdr-z7, then you will hit a winner with Sony Mdr-z1r. Tha soundstage is great and the bass even better than z7.
  13. TYATYA
    SR1 has bass as denon D2000, solid, depth and full.
    To compare, quantity is more than hd800s at low end but detail bass is less than(sub + bass + upper bass) and less natively too.
    Some track make my ear pressed by increase of atmosphere (like have no way for air exhause out from space inside this hp)
    Sound stage, bass focus as a close hp, other area of sound is wide near close approach 800s.
  14. HK_Xclio
    I wont be hitting a winner with the Sony unfortunatly, it lacks mid's when it comes to vocals. There is a huge gap in the soundstage. But thanks for all the replies and opinions, i will see if i can get to hear the HD800s and compare them myself. I guess you cant get everything you want from 1 pair of headphones.
  15. Phronesis
    I've now listened to the HD800S for a couple days, with a variety of genres and tracks, but no back to back comparisons with other headphones yet.

    My impression at this point is that the HD800S is a supremely honest and truthful headphone, with reference-quality accuracy of tonal balance and a ton of detail and resolution due to the lack of distortion.

    The downside of this is that, if a recording isn't good -- too much sizzle, too much bass, anemic bass, distortion in the recording process, etc. -- the HD800S will do it's job and reveal those flaws. On the other hand, when the recording quality is good -- which is the majority of what I listen to -- the HD800S is supremely good, and perhaps better than anything else I've heard.

    So I'm seeing the HD800S as a top choice for audiophiles who listen to audiophile-quality recordings, rather than a general purpose headphone intended to mask or compensate for the flaws of flawed recordings, at the expense of making good recordings sound not as good as they potentially can. I don't think any headphone can both provide reference-level quality for good recordings and make bad recordings sound less bad, because those are contradictory goals and they require different designs.

    With quality recordings, the HD800S allows the music to come through transparently and vividly, which makes for a highly musical and addictive listening experience.

    More to follow after I listen more, but right now I'm absolutely loving this headphone.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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