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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. LarryMagoo
    For $36 it's worth a try...Dekoni's are about $100...more of a gamble...I have already ordered them through Amazon US....I'll report back my findings...

    Thanks Rob80B for the suggestion!!!

  2. Rob80b
    Actually it was Amberlamps ....but please let us know...I see they're fulfilled by Amazon.com so maybe returns aren't a hassle...although I'm in Canada.
  3. Amberlamps
    I was thinking the exact same thing myself, not as thick as the dekoni’s and shaped more like the originals.

    If anyone has a set of them, what are they like ? I would buy to test them myself, but Chord stole all my money and due to that, frivilous spending on unknown earpads cannot be justified at this time.

    I would however like to point out, that I would easily let someone else buy them for me, for beta testing purposes. :)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  4. Arniesb
    There is no logic behind this nonsense that Tyll posted about Distortion. Simple mod that traps peaks dont suddenly adds distortion.
  5. AutumnCrown
    I was comparing the two headphones this morning and when EQ'd with sonarworks to what is supposed to be the same response, with the bass EQ'd wayyyy up, I think I can tell a difference, where the HD800 S sounds a bit less clean.

    Considering pretty much everyone except Jude has found a similar pattern of distortion I can't brush it off as measurement error, especially when tyll and others were using professional equipment and expertise.

    That said, I may still keep the S because it may only be noticeably under those very extreme circumstances, and if the rest of the headphone sounds better, it may be worth the tradeoff (if you consider the euphonic "tubelike" distortion to be a negative, which I am not sure I do).

    Edit: as oratory explains in the this post:


    The distortion could be the result of a change of enclosure such the screen permeability (sorrodje as also commented on this) or the resonator itself.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  6. Svatopluk
    Maybe it's an "audio illusion". By adding the resonator to tame the 6kHz peak and warm the sound a bet, the mid and lower frequencies may be effected as well. This may result in the perception of slightly less detail.
  7. Arniesb
    Yes i think so. Thinner, brighter always sound more detailed.
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  8. Whazzzup
    Thin mids and volume are the tricks of servers,dacs and or amps to increase the perception of detail. The thing is once you hear a good source, the detail can be had without it. The hd800S as far as I can tell can reach down and one can be shaken to the core, cleanly. The 800s is a snappy can, that is its only drawback that is also its strength.
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  9. Lay.
    I did the test yesterday if I can hear the difference between uncompressed audio files and MP3s. https://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2015/06/02/411473508/how-well-can-you-hear-audio-quality

    With HD800S and HDV820 I managed to get the correct answers. After that I tested with HD660 & Fiio Q5 and could not notice the differences between 320kbps and uncompressed.

    I did not believe that I would be able to tell the differences but these are really amazing headphones. The difference is so minor that I'm not going for FLAC files but this result really got me surprised
  10. Phronesis
    I use both Spotify 320K and Tidal lossless. I don't generally notice a significant difference and happily listen to Spotify, but when I find an album I really like, I usually listen to it on Tidal "just in case" it sounds subtly better.
  11. headblid
    Did this test on an HD800S+HDVD800 hooked to an old mac pro through USB and got 2 out of 6, did it again with a consistent 2/6 on the same tracks... I can usually smell 128kbit stuff from a mile away but think I'm going to go back in my collection and see if these results make any sense... I picked 128kbit in a couple of cases as well...

    I also have dekoni Sheepskin pads on my HD800S with the dust covers still on, without the dust covers, I find the HD800S a bit piercing in the highs in some cases.


  12. DLSS
    I tested with the 800S and a Fiio E17K (I know it's not a good DAC, but it's what I had at hand). I can easily identify the lossless in all except Coldplay and Jay-z, neither being high quality at all. Coldplay it's pretty compressed and lacks dynamic range, it took 2 or 3 tries. Jay-z is just low quality and sounds like trash in all 3 samples, I can hear some differences between them, but I can't point the finger at the lossless sample. Probably the lack of any real instruments or musical voice and lack of any kind of soundstage has something to do with it.
  13. Lay.
    Now that you mentioned all this. I had to listen Jay-Z about 20 times to get any indication about the quality. Did not have trouble with other songs though.
  14. Arniesb
    I had e10 which is the same as 17k and its a world of difference against something like Topping Dx7 or above. Always thought Dac make little difference, but its actualy Dac 1st and then the rest. I can tell with my topping Dx 7 Coldplay dont sound compressed and its average dac/amp. Actually in my system usb cables and dac upgrades made more difference to dynamics than amps.
  15. DLSS
    Well, I can tell you that the E17K is definitely worse than my LG V30. The cables and DAC can't improve your dynamic range if the source doesn't have it to begin with. I wouldn't call Speed of Sound not compressed with 6 dB dynamic range in that sample. The cymbals and snares also lack definition so I wouldn't consider that song reference material or suited for me to compare on. Sure, 6 dB of DR is not so low compared to even newer music but still, it's a huge difference when compared to something like Def Leppard's Hysteria with about 17-18 dB for instance.
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