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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. joseph69
    I wanted to try the HE1000v2 so I ordered it BNIB from Amazon Prime (Fulfilled by Amazon) and they were used and pretty beat up.

    I also recall someone on the thread ordering an 800S and receiving a plastic water bottle inside the case.
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  2. davisman
    Sounds about right. Now that I think about it, I think someone has probably scammed amazon with the z1rs that I ordered. Order MDRZ1R, send back MDR1A with a new barcode sticker on top of the old one.
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  3. claud W
    You have never heard the HD 800 S at its best until you hear it on a DNA Stratus. It is unbelievable even with the stock tubes. For you folks that are scarred or just leary about tubes, DNA makes it easy. Very specific instructions for assembly so easy a monkey could do it. the only catch is you have to wait a year for your amp. We are talking hand assembled by two guys and tested and broken in before shipping.
  4. Whitigir
    I may be as deaf as a duck, but people keeps saying Hd800s or 800s has too bright and uncomfortable trebles or treble spikes....I hear none of them, but just good trebles and smooth, except in bad records
  5. Svatopluk
    Some folks prefer warm headphones with rolled off terble like the Audeze LCD series and the HD-650. If they hear something with accurate treble, from their viewpoint it's too bright. Your hearing is fine.
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  6. Laura80
    Yup, I have same issue with my hd800’s, the treble is too strong to point where I’ve stopped using them, now looking for something more forgiving.
  7. vlach
    Out of curiosity; which DAC & amp are you driving them with?
  8. koven Contributor
    For me HD800/S must be used w/ a tube amp.. 9 out of 10 SS amps the pairing is too thin/bright. HDV 820 not bad, V281 even better. Ragnarok or GSX mk2 and my ears are bleeding.. :wink:
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  9. S Crowther
    I don't like the HD800s out of my V281. The treble seems hard etc. Much better out of my Pro-Ject head box rs: smoother altogether: not sure whether it is the tubes (hybrid design) or the ability to vary the impedance.
  10. Whazzzup
    The source keeps being left out. THe dac is very important, the amp less so in my case as it steps out of the way and supplies bloom. The source is the single biggest upgrade factor in my case and the delivery with pin point accuracy is rich and deep, hd800S never been less fatiguing.
  11. jhai
    Can’t really be argued that tube amps can bring their normal characteristics, (basically various degrees of warmth) but I do agree that the source, (if DAC) makes a considerable difference.
    Reckoning that most of us like some degree of ‘warmth’ it comes down to where you want to include it.
    Even the’S’ of the HD800 does basically nothing as to the ‘warmth’ itself, (yes it sure cuts the 6000K peak) but the basic characteristics are not changed.
    The HD800’s are reasonably neutral in my personal opinion, they thrive on being powered well as to bass & overall characteristics.
    A solid state amp such as the Carvali Lau has quite valve (ish) character to it & a DAC such as the Metrum Parvane is delightfully warm yet retaining almost the upmost in definition & speed.
    The HD800’s, are close to, ‘you get what you give them’. A bit of a microscope.
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  12. jmac1516
    I have the opposite experience with my 800S and V281. I love the synergy! Tight bass, clear mids and treble that feels just right. As most will recognize, with this combo, the better the quality of the recording, the better the sound! Very revealing chain.
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  13. Laura80
    The HDVD 800.
  14. TYATYA
    Have you changed stock cable?
    Copper cable may be your need.
    I use silver plated cable and it is balance between stock cable (bright, distance treble) and copper cable(warmmer, focus mid and soft treble)
  15. Laura80
    No, just the stock cable.

    I didn’t realise changing the cable could change the sound that much.
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