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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Amberlamps
    Dekoni pads go on with a firm and reassuring click.

    The original sennheiser pads are a pain in the ... to put on and stay on.

    To make the original pads stay on, the entire pad needs firm and equal pressure to go on. Basically, try and put the entire pad on at once instead of bit by bit. Trying to do it bit by bit, in my experience, it will annoy you as one part or another will pop off.

    I also prefer dekoni elite sheep pads now. They are easier to go on and stay on and are so much comfier than the originals. They also help with the clamping force, making the 800S less likely to move once on.
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  2. csglinux
    I wonder where they find all these elite sheep.
    And would you really want to risk a highly-trained ninja sheep in your house?

    P.S. I'm actually a vege, so if something has to be brutally murdered to make my earpads, I'd prefer if it were something like a well-educated carrot.
  3. donlin
    The impressions on the sound quality of the Dekoni pads that I've read have been 100% negative.
  4. Amberlamps
    Thought the same thing when I tried them out.

    But the thought of throwing away £80 if I recall, it annoyed me so I gave them another try and to be honest, they are good, I like the fact that its more padding and gives a better grip.

    The SQ, well, after I read here that people were saying to keep the sennheiser dust covers in whilst using third party pads. I followed suit ( even though I thought What, why keep them in ? ), it totally muffled the sound, so I took them out and gave the dekoni’s another try.

    What can I say, they are not schiit, if they were, I wouldn’t use them. Maybe they sound bad on the 800 due to the 5-6khz scream which would be worse with the dust covers off and if kept in, they would have the same muffled sound as I experienced previously.

    Are they worth the price ? No they are not, are they schiit and destroy SQ, no they do not. I would suggest for people to try things for themselves.

    *HD800/S Dustcovers need to be taken out if using dekoni sheep*.
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  5. Amberlamps
    Supposedly, the dekoni pads were made from dead sheep.
  6. smodtactical
    Same here ! :D

    Vegan pads FTW. Thats why I got the atticus and auteur from Zach... he made vegan versions! :D
  7. csglinux
    You have to wonder how elite they could be in such a deceased state? The thing about these modifications - they're all too easy to manufacture and put out there with no guarantees of better performance. E.g. I have Sensaphonics custom shells for my SE846. They're a great idea. Very comfortable. But they're a disaster in terms of SQ. They massively increase the resonance peaks and shift them left due to the increased bore length. Not really what anybody would want. Dekoni should provide FR graphs to prove those sheep weren't murdered for no good reason.

    Thanks for removing the part about trying to sell your gagged & bound wife. That was probably getting a bit off topic and personally not to my taste. But I do know of one guy over here in the US that would be willing to pay $130,000 for that sort of thing :wink:
  8. Amberlamps
    It’s cool, they really aren’t that bad, if they were I would auto bin.

    I am not an audiophile, I don’t hear the difference when listening to music with or without the cooker being turned on.


    The dekonis could be s..t , but my hearing is fine and says, they are ok.

    I decided to keep my woman, but the thought of a 130k payday is too much for me to ignore. So how are we going to do this.

    Paypal ?

    She isn’t really my woman, she just happened to walk past my van at the right time.
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  9. LarryMagoo
    I really wanted to get the Fenestrated Sheep Skin Dekoni's....but like what was mentioned...I can't find anyone who like their match up with the 800S...;-(
  10. Amberlamps
    You should atleast try them, don’t take other peoples opinion. If you are in the UK, by law all UK internet purchases have a mandatory 14 day return window.

    Boom, you can try and if no likey, you can return. If you are not in the UK, I feel your pain.

    Because a handful of people have said X, could it be that they are old and have dodgy hearing ? or could it be they didn’t give them a proper chance ?

    Personally, I try not to let other peoples/thoughts/dislikes/love bites affect my decision on whether I like the sound of something.

    Going against what a couple of people on head fi say, it is like asking to get injected with ebola, in the eye. Seriously, just because a handful of people said X, at the end of the day, your not buying earpads for other people.

    Plus, if I were to believe everyone, I would never of bought my Lada Riva.

    I don’t know about the fenestrated ones. Why would I pay more for something that is full of holes ? They take away 50% of the material and charge 20% more.
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  11. LarryMagoo

    Thanks Phuca....My AFC's are sooo comfortable and the pads on my 800S are starting to get tired...so the comfy AFC pads got me to starting think about their replacement...So maybe I'll try them ...it's not like it's a $1000 gamble...The fenestrated are supposed to be the most comfortable of all their offerings...Cheers!
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
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  12. crayons23
    i was all but ready to give up on my HD800S then i switched to a PS Audio Direct Stream Jr.. MAN!! so glad i did not get rid of the 800S. these sound incredible again and i am listening to them all the time unless it's so loud either inside or outside that i have to use my closed back headphones. All the lack of bass issues i had before have been resolved. My mistake was drinking the hype kool aide on the hugo 2 which in some respects
    i was very happy with and would have kept if not for a manufacture defect in the hugo 2. However since that happened and i moved on from Chord i am just shocked at how good the HD 800S sounds with my new DAC.
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  13. Amberlamps
    I find that when people say, the 800/800S lack bass, I think huh ?

    My 800S dont suffer from a lack of bass, I had horrible thoughts of me needing to return them due to people saying that they lack bass, then again with my dekoni pads. I could not be happier regarding both the 800S and Dekonis.

    It brings me right back to the point where I say, don’t believe what people say, atleast try whatever it is, for yourself.

    Can I ask what was the defect that your Hugo 2 had ? Curious as I am a H2 owner.
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  14. crayons23
    For me the 800S lacked bass for all the dac's i tried before the ps audio. I tried the hdv 820, 2qute, ifi idsd black label, and the hugo 2. When i took the leap up to the next level the HD 800S happily went with me
    and almost became a whole new headphone again. the defect was that the H2 overheats and shuts down.
    this is a known issue regardless to what chord or chord dealers will admit publicly, it's a known issue. i returned two brand new H2 for this issue. The 3rd unit they gave me i immediately sold for a loss but
    i was told it was tested for the issue i had and i sold it to a friend so i hope he does not
    have the problem. i was however transparent in my issues with the person i sold it to. i am so glad to be free of chord and their god awful usa distributor blue bird who could give two ( insert choice expletive here) about customer service. the hd800S much to my surprise does not lack bass but
    it needs synergy with an amp and a dac. i was just using the h2 as a dac only so maybe that's why the synergy was not there for me? who knows?
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
  15. Amberlamps
    Cool. Good to hear that your enjoying your 800s again :)

    My buddy had the same problem, just last week his brand new Hugo 2 was crazy hot and shutting down.

    Brand new out of the box, he got it exchanged and it seems to be all good now. At first I thought it was just him exaggerating but we both bought an ir temp gun and did some tests, his was much hotter than mine doing the exact same test.

    Mine has never shut down, even when its in its case and using both battery and mains, it away to be traded in so fingers crossed it stays that way.
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