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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Contrails
    Cheers for replies everyone. I have been without headphones for more than a year. Maybe, I had just become too accustomed to the feel of the slam from the speakers.

    I plugged in the HD800S around 1pm, it's almost 7pm now and they are finally back in the box. The only time I took them off was when my partner wanted a listen. I had Random Access Memories playing by Daft Punk at that time. She didn't wanna give the headphones back, needless to say she absolutely loved the way the HD800S sounded. The Piano piece at the start of the song 'Within' is something else on the HD800S. Playing Dave Brubeck live on this is fabulous. The drum solo in 'Take Five' pretty much sealed the deal. Yep, I am gonna keep them. I paid $1100 USD for them here in New Zealand from a store (Computerlounge.co.nz). There was a promo going on for 2 days - 30% off all Sennheiser products. They had 3 HD800S and 3 HD800. The HD800S are all sold out. The HD800 are still available.

    I have had Audeze before (LCD-X) and they are no match for the HD800S. The only thing the X did better was sub-bass. The X also sounds more coloured in comparison. What I have come to realise is this - These are very natural sounding while giving gobs of detail. I am rediscovering my entire music library. Anything with real instruments and the HD800S just shines.

    The WA22 is running some very good tubes along with Jupiter Copper foil caps and Mills resistors (made a big audible difference). Time to pour a glass of Whiskey and roll some tubes to see how it affects the HD800S.
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  2. Whazzzup
    Have fun rolling listening.
  3. joseph69
    I liked everything about my 800S with the exception of their percussion impact & bass slam, which was the only reason I let them go. I had the 800 in home a while back, and if my memory serves me right, I found the bass to have much more impact/slam, while having no issue with the upper frequencies at all, so I may go for an 800, but I think I'll borrow them again before pulling the trigger.
  4. pietcux
    After all I read in diverse forums, there cannot be much of a difference. In the end they are identical but the Helmholz resonator in the center of the driver.
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  5. joseph69
    As I mentioned, if my memory serve me right, which is why I'm going to borrow them before pulling the trigger. :)
  6. Hoegaardener70
    I must admit that I was not very impressed with the bass of the HD800S at all. It was there, but overall it felt “lame”, lacking some sort of authorative impact. I am now using the iFi Black label which has a well-tuned bass boost. Things got bass-wise better now without feeling overblown or artificial.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
    That is reason why some head-fi here use parallel hd650 and 800s, same time, not so sell old one 650.
    I like to have bass of 650 at a detail level of 800s, or better as 800 (none S)
  8. peter123
    The HD650 doesn't offer any more subbass than the HD800S...
  9. donlin
    Agree. The bass is more prominent in the tonal balance of the HD650 but when switching from the HD800S to the HD650, the 650 bass is not nearly as deep.
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  10. TYATYA
    My 650 use after maket cable. It improved sq to closer to 800s, not include layering and detail.
    Bass is bolder than 800s.
    For a DJ track, I need to hole tight cover of 800s(where has "High definition....300Omh" text) to feel it same on 650 (not incl a fact 800s louder than 650 when plug both on hdv800)
  11. pietcux
    You want the Sony Z1R.
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  12. TYATYA
    I dont have Sony in my music stuff. I prefer Iriver, Senn, Shure and Phonak
  13. pietcux
    And I prefer the sound that suits me, no special brand. Writing this I have the HD800SD on my ears. I just say that the aforementioned Sony might suit your demand better than the HD800S, based on your statements.
    It doesn't hurt to look into this can.
    Sorry this was not for you, it was for @Hoegaardener70
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
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  14. Swiftfalcon
    So I have been listening to Utopia everyday for last 2 weeks or so. Very impressive of course as has been established already. But the surprising thing is it has not diminished my regard for HD800S! Quite the contrary I like them even more now. My personal opinion is that the 800S sounds more natural and accurate. The music has more emotion with the Sennheiser. All this is not evident when you quick AB the 2; when you quick AB the 2, the Utopia might scale the bars more confidently but when you actually sit down at home for long listening sessions is when 800S shine.
  15. Hoegaardener70
    Thank you for the recommendation, and I will give it a try. However, with the Ifi, my biggest “complain” with the HD800s is solved. But always exciting toi try new things ... :)
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