Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. donlin
    All depends on what you mean by “good”. The 800S bass quality is very good but it’s far from a basshead type headphone.
  2. Whitigir
    It depends on your personal taste. The bass and sub-bass on 800s is satisfying, but not basshead level
  3. wldcohso
    HD 800S and Focal Utopia my end game. Haven’t searched or desired another set of headphones. Feels good to finally just sit back, enjoy my music and stop searching for the best sound out there. Reading endless blogs about this that and the other.

    Focal Utopia
    Chord Hugo2

    Tia Fourte
    A18 Custom
    AK SP1000
  4. FaezFarhan
    I see, sounds good enough to me. Is there more quantity compared to the HD600?

    I wonder if my Grace M9XX & Audio Cavalli CTH Hybrid is strong enough to run the HD800S to it’s potential, maybe not full, but decent.
  5. Whitigir
    Not sure about quantity, but I can tell you that the Quality and the speed of the bass and sub-bass are on superb-references level. It has similar voicing to my Stax Sr-009
  6. FaezFarhan
    Thanks man, I think you’ve convinced me enough :jecklinsmile:

    Hopefully this is my end game... HD820S is too expensive:frowning2:
  7. donlin
    At the Axpona show I was able to do a lot of comparison between the 800S and 820 and thought the 800S sounded a lot better.
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  8. Me x3
    The Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 (2nd Generation) has more bass than the Sennheiser HD800S
  9. FaezFarhan
    That’s awesome man, how does it compare & where does the HD820S sounded better?

    I see, wonder how much the T1 is in the market here, will try to find out
  10. donlin
    Really just the usual differences between closed and open. The 820 didn't seem as wide and spacious, also darker and less alive. I was kind of surprised and happy about how much more I liked the 800S. Unless you really need a closed headphone, there would be no upgrade to go from the 800S to the 820 in my opinion.
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  11. FaezFarhan
    This makes me worried. I don’t listen to classical at all, mostly mainstream / r&b kinda stuff but I’ve always aimed for a HD800S for years now even without trying it yet. It was love at first sight lol.

    I don’t mind open or closed headphone, just wondering if the HD800S provides enough bass slam for the genre I listen to. How does it compare to the HD600?
  12. Whazzzup
    It does depend on your system somewhat? These are microscopes to the transmission and conversion. So a weighty system synergy will provide plenty of bass for r&B and Edm, or down tempo slam. But let’s call it as it is it’s not a deep v recessed can that thumps like th900. You get huge mid detail which gives all the detail to vocals, sound effects, drum effects, so do you want balance or just thump.
  13. donlin
    The HD600 is certainly no bass monster so if you’re satisfied with that, you’ll be happy with the HD800S which is way more extended. I don’t listen to any of the same kind of music you do but the HD650 may be better? The bass is more prominent in the overall balance even though its not as extended or well defined as the 800S.
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  14. exdmd
    Just get a Loki to use with the HD800S. Boost bass by turning left most 20 Hz knob to 3 o'clock. You get satisfying bass without hurting midrange SQ.
  15. arielext
    new member of team HD800S reporting :)
    Bought it from a fellow head-fier. Me, my beard and my glasses are not a big fan of the stock pads. Almost instantly ordered a pair of dekoni sheepskin pads. I removed the dustcover from the pads, keeping the Sennheiser's original dustcovers (partly because of looks). Over the next few days I'll A/B these with my headhpones that I use reguarly (T5p gen.2, Edition X v2, DT880) but for now I'm just enjoying these.
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