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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. smodtactical
    Wow that sounds great. I wish I could send you my Burson so yo could do a comparison!

    Which dac are you using?
  2. Snowpuppy77
    Used with Bimby for about 6 months then got a Yggdrasil.
  3. Whitigir
    09A61501-7784-4D1F-842A-D912B900F399.jpeg 0B0401C5-CA65-4C70-B796-FE69CC61DD41.jpeg

    Yes, 800S with upgraded flagship Oyaide cables , furutech connectors. The Wm1Z drives it so beautifully! I was a little confused. So I thought I would want to ask Sir Sato from Sony Walkman Engineering team. I got his respond as quoted below

    Hi, Thank you. We have also HD800S/HD660S and HD800/HD650/HD600 also. Our player was difficult to drive old type of HD series, but HD800S/660S is good combination with our WM1Z. Old type of Sennheiser headphones has bad sensibility of headphones driver with hi-impedance, but recent new model become good sensibility driver with more low-impedance. It's welcome for portable player.

    Even so, the DX200+amp4 could not drive the HD800S to the acceptable level as the WM1Z. Again, I am loving the WM1Z+800S combination. Wonderful music and that battery ! 20 hours on Flacs and Native DSD mixture (80-20%)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  4. Rob80b
    IMG_2937 copy.jpg 800 cable .jpg
    Anyone else experience this, went to put on my 800S and the balanced cable felt a bit strange on the left side, took them off to discover the outer sheathing has actual started to gum up and disintegrate : ( , headphones have been babied and kept in my living room. The rubber has suddenly deteriorated where it actually leaves black goo on my fingers and crumbles into pieces..????
    They are still under warranty until May so I'll contact Sennheiser tomorrow, otherwise its an expensive inconvenience to replace. : (
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  5. smodtactical
    Yup. Mine happened over a month or so, I took good care of it too. I had to use electrical tape (still need more) but the wire is starting to cut out. I need a braided cable.

  6. Whitigir
    I think it is understandable because after so many usages, the cables worn out. Unless you care for it so much as to make sure it is not twisted or tangled up, every time you have it in or take it off ? Anyways, if u are under warranty, send will take good care of you. Or else, just get upgraded cables :)
  7. pietcux
    I bought a used HD800 which is over 5 years old. The cable is still perfect. It must be a production issue and should fall under warranty.
  8. Rob80b
    After owning multiple headphones, some for 10 years or even a few decades with a lot more use than my 800S it's definitely "not" understandable.....it is not so much as drying out and cracking as it's a breakdown in the rubber and literally just gumming up, I could roll the pieces in a ball....and falling apart.

    And lets not forget what these are going for if one wishes/needs to replace one out of warranty....they should last decades...lol....
    Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.16.10 AM.png
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  9. Rob80b
    Forgot I commented on another users similar predicament back in September. : (

  10. Whazzzup
    i have not met a manufactures cable i ever liked....
  11. 111MilesToGo
    Would you mind publishing the serial numbers of those HD 800 S‘s with cable defects here? And please state whether it’s the balanced, unbalanced or both. Huhh, just starting to become afraid of the same bad luck happening to others (me :wink: )...
  12. pietcux
    Maybe they had to change the chemistry of the cable due to new regulations for manufacturing from the government. If you replace something in the mix, you never know how it turns out in the long run. The cable of the IE800, tended to get very stiff and also break. Sennheiser replaced the iems then. Or look at lead free solder....
  13. Arniesb
    So guys what cable would be best for like 300 to 500 euro? I like how my custom made Silver cable brought more detail and expand soundstage an overall transparency, but on the downside it lack lot of impact and punchiness. Is there any cable that could have same bass impact and punchines as stock cable , but with more detail and better highs? I heard good thing about Draug 2 cables is there any place that could sell them? Thanks a bunch!!!
  14. Whitigir
    Holy cow...Wow!

    I bought the 800s and have both SE and XLR-4 cables. Did not know that they would go that high and expensive.

    I definitely hope that warranty will take care of it for you!
  15. Whazzzup
    I still have my original cables if you want a deal.....
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