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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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    please guide me

    If I want to choose between the two, what happens to the hd800s?
    Because I'm really confused
    Some say i choose v280.
    But some others say i choose m9.
    and RS 08
  2. mtoc
    Jude simply has the best measurement gears right now, we should trust Jude. What Tyll measures is THD+N, with N. Different stuff here, couldn't directly compared.
  3. Svatopluk
    I only have experience with the V280. In my opinion, it can be considered endgame with the right DAC (think Yggdrasil) and the HD-800S.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  4. mtoc
    From the FFT of 39 Hz, 78 Hz GRAS graphs did show the HD800S with higher THD
  5. jude Administrator
    The gap in any of the posted measurements did not come close to approaching the original's 20 dBSPL H2 difference. Also, if you look at the other posted graphs over various units (most of which used 40 Hz sine stimulus), there is some variation in differences (again, none approaching the 20 dBSPL difference), I think with the 800 exceeding the 800S's H2 by a smidge in at least one or two of them.

    Also, Axel Grell briefly addressed this in a CanJam NYC discussion panel last month, stating that 2nd order harmonic distortion was not added to the HD800S (versus the HD800).

    We also recently measured additional units, and will post that data after the crazy CanJam activity that is the first few months of this year.
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  6. donunus
    2db is nothing, That extra distortion could just be an effect of the changes made with the acoustics inside making the drivers work under a slightly different pressure level. If it really is just 2db like we see in these new measurements, it's nothing even worth worrying about compared to the improvements made in the highs. I say listen to the headphones and buy'em if you like'em and don't worry about the measurements anymore.

    I do however understand why Jude and Tyll or any reviewer measuring cans for that matter obsessing over it because they are trying to show the truth to a wide audience which is a good thing for the advancement of the hobby.
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  7. Whazzzup
    1854E1E6-82E7-4BC4-B83F-82F911D9BDFC.jpeg This is the only graph I’m ultimatly concerned about. How I feel putting these cans on.
    Sorry don’t photo shop
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  8. crayons23
    Can anyone recommend a mod for 800 S that would make the band area where the headphone rest against my head less painful? After a few hours it becomes pretty painful. i've tried wearing a hat to cushion my head but it still hurts.
  9. jtinto
    crayons23 I'm surprised that your headband is causing you discomfort. It's not common with HD800/S owners.

    The headband pad on my older HD800 has gotten pretty compressed and doesn't offer much cushioning any more. I just ordered a Sennheiser replacement. No-one makes an aftermarket generic replacement like they do for ear pads.

    I also ordered a set of Dekoni ear pads which should be fun.
  10. joseph69
    Actually the most comfortable headphone I've ever had on. I once borrowed the 800 and thought it was like having a full face helmet on, but after wearing my 800S for several hrs I quickly recanted that statement. Only headphone I own that doesn't touch my ears at all.
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  11. Witcher
    I got the Dekonis in the hopes that I'll have the same experience with the HD800S, only more lush feeling. I put them on and removed them within 15 mins. While they did add to the comfort by a tiny margin (negligible for me), the way they spaced out the sound even more was a no no. I did not need for the sound to be more distant, and more mid freq loss than the stock. I quickly moved back to stock and never looked back. I am curious how the HD820 sounds like though, since it seems to use similar dimensions for padding like the Dekonis.
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  12. crayons23
    The issue is they just barely fit my head and ears while fully extended. i have to push them down firmly to fully cover my ears. thus the bar ends up being tight against my head and over time causes discomfort.
  13. crayons23
    Would adding a 3rd party cable help with the bass not distorting when listening to say hip hop for example?
  14. Swiftfalcon
    Haven’t tried changing headphone cable but I noticed usb and rca cables do help a bit. The biggest improvement of course is from dac and amp. Straight out of Hugo 2 for example I don’t hear any bass distortion on HD800S.
  15. bobbyblack
    Thanks v.much,you just saved me 45$.
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