Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. briant4pres
    fostex th-900 is something to look at, the bass on that headphone is godlike. Rest of the FR not so much, but for electronic or rap I dig it
  2. Swiftfalcon
    Can someone explain what exactly is meant by planar bass ‘impact’. The word signifies a physical vibration to me but I have not experienced this with planars. Funnily I get the physical vibration/rumble with dynamic drivers, even the so-called ‘basslite’ hd800S. With the planars, I hear (not feel) deep deep quick bass. Pretty sure I m misinterpreting the way the word impact is used.
  3. SilverEars
    For dynamics, closed cups provides more of a lower bass response, and open-backs rolls off below midbass, hence you get impact, but no subs. If you look at planar frequency responses, despite being open, they have bass extension. HD800 or S are a bit thin, doesn't even come close to some of the planars in bass. Enjoy the violins. LOL.
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  4. Ultramus
    Yeah, generally I don't think of bass when I think of impact, impact to me is the attack and decay of all notes, but especially the mid-range and treble. That said, planars do have excellent low distortion bass response, that generally moves more air and has more presence than dynamics, excluding the fostex and old Denons that are basically subwoofers in headphone form.

    It seems like, planars have great bass, but if you want good mid-range and treble, efficiency must be sacrificed, there in why the HE-6 and susvara have such low efficiency, the he-500 has less treble, and is moderately more efficient. The other more efficient planars all seem to sacrifice some amount of range. For me, the Audezes we're too colored and definitely lacked treble response.

    I don't think it's unreasonable to want a planar in addition to the 800S, that said, if you want one that will have similar neutrality and clarity, you'll need a much more powerful amp, if you wanted to stick with the WA8, I would keep the 800S for clean listening, and get one of the lower end planars for when you want the bass response. I personally will not part with my 500s for that reason, and I'm sure one of the other hifimans or Audeze would make a good complement.
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  5. vlach
    Same here, i will not part with my HE-500, they are a perfect complement to the HD800 when i feel like a presentation with more mass, weight and full bodied bass.
  6. ra990
    In addition to what people have said above, I'll tell you that I'm not a fan of closed back headphones and with dynamics, that's where the bass is. When I tried the HE-4XX from massdrop, I instantly heard something I hadn't before in an open back headphone, which got me to try the HE1000s. It's not the bass rumble you hear with dyanamics, it's like a quick hit and you feel it deeper in your body, almost like there's a subwoofer present. It's that low end bass extension, I think.
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  7. casper3127
    I would say that a perfect closed planar for the HD800s would be the Ether Flows C.
    I find my LCD-Xs 2017 marvellous with those voices that only Audeze knows how to obtain and the gorgeous bass slam (had the HE500s previously) in a more intimate, clubby sound. They are though too far away from the SENNs.

    Something more similar imho, are the Ether Flow Cs.
  8. Whazzzup
    La900 for me to get some bass canon. Hd800S for me in my desktop rig can get pretty low and meaty, but sometimes you got to thump
  9. Swiftfalcon
    Is that a th900 mod?
    Its always good to have a variety of headphones with different signatures at hand. The 800S for me is reference, anymore bass and it risks coloration (its already at risk jacking up from the accurate bass of hd800).
    For various colors of bass I made a list for future purchases from the ones auditioned hopefully all /lalaland -
    AudioQuest Nighthawk (why not for $300)
    Audeze LCD Series (no brainer haha)
    Campfire Andromeda (for portable bass)
    Focal Elear (Make you wince, throw your stomach in knots kind of bass),
    Hifiman HE 1000 V2 (arguably best quality)

    I’ve not heard the th900, Sony mdr z1r or any of the mr speakers. Got enough funds for the AQ NH, just debating when to pull the trigger.
  10. Whazzzup
    La900 is a full Lawton mod, cups museum grade Hawaiian kona, tuning, angled ear pads, and cable upgrade.
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  11. SilverEars
    HE1000, best headphone bass I've heard that does not get in the way of other frequencies. It has great sub bass response can even rumble minutely, that's how precise the subs are for an open can.

    Spiral Ear SE5 Ultimate has the best bass response I've heard for a in ear monitor although Andromeda is very good providing high dynamics(which is the main highpoint).
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  12. Slim1970
    The HE1000’s has the best tone I’ve heard in a headphone. My HD800S’s when I add the XBass+ to it become fuller sounding and is a joy to listen as well. It just doesn’t have the warmth of the HE1000’s.
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  13. Ginge
    Best review I've seen of the 800S, mirrors my own thoughts. I tried them side by side with my friend's Utopia and ended up preferring the signature of the 800S.
  14. Nola808
    Sorry for the late reply. The headphones turned up fine, took a little time but they turned up. Serial number checked out fine. Box was unopened and they were in perfect, unused condition. I've tried to find the same seller again but was unable. Hope you're able to find them.
  15. Audiofiend1
    Well my HD 800S finally arrived, opened her up and she really is a beauty. However, i'm super annoyed because i don't have a 6.3mm to 3.5m adapter and now i had to order one on amazon so i have to wait another 3 days, it sucks looking at these and not being able to use them after waiting for so long! :frowning2: I can't believe Sennheiser would not include an adapter? Also noob question here, but the black cloth material covering each driver i can remove that correct?

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